Coach Donegal Fergus spoke with Irish American Baseball Society Founder John Fitzgerald about baseball and Ireland in a live Q&A on the IABS Facebook Page. Coach Fergus is a veteran college baseball coach. In 2018, he coached the Irish National Baseball Team to a gold medal at the European Baseball C-Pool Qualifying Tournament. Coach Fergus was recently named the minor league hitting coordinator for the Minnesota Twins. Click the video player above to watch the full interview or scroll down to see Coach Fergus’ answer to each question!

Who Are the Top Minnesota Twins Prospects in 2020?

IABS Premium Member Dave Kemp from Sioux Falls, SD asked Coach Fergus about the top Twins minor league prospects.

What Does a Minor League Hitting Coordinator Do?

Coach Fergus explains his responsibilities as the Minnesota Twins minor league hitting coordinator.

How Did You Become a Baseball Coach?

Coach Fergus explains how he came to be a college baseball coach.

Advice for Aspiring Coaches

What advice does a veteran college baseball coach have for the next generation of coaches?

Why Did Your Parents Name You Donegal?

Coach Fergus certainly has a very distinct Irish name. So why did his parents decide to name him Donegal?

Growing Up a Cubs Fan

You wouldn’t expect a kid from the Pacific Northwest to be a Cubs fan!

Coach Fergus On Ireland

As a proud Irish American and the coach of the Irish National Baseball Team, of course Coach Fergus loves Ireland!

Coach Fergus On Coaching in Europe

Listen to Coach Fergus share some head-scratching moments as an American baseball coach in Europe.

The Importance of Sleep, Rest, and Recovery

IABS Premium Member Brendan Duffy asked Coach Fergus about the importance of sleep, rest, and recovery.