MLB legend Tommy John had a blast talking with our Shaun Clancy on the latest episode of “Craic and the Bat” on Irish Baseball TV. The conversation was wide-ranging and covered a lot of ground about life, baseball, and Tommy’s legendary career:

  • Tommy’s recent health struggles with COVID and hospital visits (he’s doing much better now!)
  • His decision to play baseball over basketball, despite the best efforts of legendary Kentucky coach Adolph Rupp
  • His first professional baseball contract
  • Tommy’s thoughts on the Hall of Fame and his 188 no-decisions
  • The elbow injury that led to the first “Tommy John” surgery. And how that surgery had only been tried with polio patients.
  • Tommy’s favorite season (’77 Dodgers) and favorite team to pitch for (Yankees)
  • The contrasting ownership styles of the O’Malley family (Dodgers) and George Steinbrenner (Yankees)
  • Tommy’s thoughts on Thurman Munson and his tragic death
  • Tommy’s thoughts on the current state of the game of baseball