Denis Leary: Irish Baseball NOW!

The great Denis Leary has thrown his support behind the Irish Baseball movement and the Irish Wolfhounds Baseball Club!

Wearing his Irish Wolfhounds cap, the legendary actor, producer, and comedian demonstrates his support for Ireland in the World Baseball Classic and the Olympics!

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Help Ireland Get to the World Baseball Classic!

Support the Fair and Equal Treatment of Irish Dual Citizens

According to Irish law, dual citizens are full citizens of Ireland and Ireland’s National Baseball Team should represent all Irish citizens.

Baseball Ireland has implemented quotas for Ireland’s National Team. The quotas prevent Irish citizens, and those eligible to receive Irish citizenship, from receiving fair and equal consideration to be selected for the team. Quotas are being used to limit the number of dual citizens on the field and in the lineup. As a result of these quotas, Team Ireland has struggled to advance beyond the lowest level of European international competition. Regardless of intent, these quotas adversely affect the potential of Ireland’s National Baseball Program to reach the World Baseball Classic and the Olympics.

Dual citizen players often have strong connections to Ireland and/or their local Irish community. They, and many of their families, have a strong interest in the long-term success of youth baseball in Ireland. The talent and interest of these players is a rare and special opportunity that is being wasted by Baseball Ireland.

In addition, the success of Ireland’s National Baseball Program would generate awareness and support in the global Irish community. This support would have a direct impact on coaching and funding opportunities to benefit youth baseball programs in Ireland.

For these reasons and because we support the growth of baseball in Ireland, we call upon Baseball Ireland, which operates under the auspices of the Irish Baseball and Softball Federation (IBSF), the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC), and the Olympic Federation of Ireland (OFI), to eliminate quotas, to treat all Irish citizens fairly and equally, and to make a successful National Baseball program a priority of the organization.


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