Shamrock Diamond Baseball Caps

We’re proud to be the only organization in the world that researches, recognizes, and celebrates the Irish impact on baseball and baseball’s impact on the Irish experience. From yesterday to today, and the future, we’re all about baseball, Ireland, and being Irish!

And that’s why we needed a cap with a logo that embodied everything we do, in Ireland and America!

The Shamrock Diamond Logo Design

We call it the “Shamrock Diamond,” because that’s what it is! A classic look that embodies two distinctly different symbols that look perfect together. A statement that transcends eras and geographies — just like the Irish Baseball movement!

Shamrock Diamond caps are the perfect accessory for cheering your favorite MLB team or marching in a St. Patrick’s Day parade. The front of the cap is adorned with a bold green shamrock encased in a baseball diamond. The back of the fitted and flexfit caps features an embroidered tri-color flag of Ireland.

The cap was introduced in 2020 and became the official cap of the Irish Wolfhounds Baseball Club in 2023.

Product Reviews

Hundreds of fans agree: Shamrock Diamond caps are a great way to showcase your pride in baseball and Ireland! Check out these reviews from our online store.

“Awesome hat with great embroidery and for a wonderful cause. Highly recommend this hat as it is a conversation starter as well.” – Mike D.

“Irish Baseball apparel is awesome and stands out big time!!” – Tiler E.

“Quality hat, embroidery is well done. Was surprised how fast it arrived. I have received several compliments on it.” – Richard M.

“Fits perfect and have gotten a number of likes about the look of the hat.” – Charles B.

“Great hat and I get many compliments and questions about what it is and I enjoy explaining all about it the team and their journey.” – Tim M.

One Statement, Multiple Colors and Styles

This cap design comes in multiple colors and styles, so it’s easy to find the perfect match for any baseball fan:

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