About Us

The Irish American Baseball Society is a non-profit subsidiary of the Baseball United Foundation (Federal Tax ID: 20-4623222).

Our History

The Irish American Baseball Society was founded in 2018 by the Baseball United Foundation following over a decade of work to support and strengthen the game of baseball in Ireland. The Irish American Baseball Society supports the development of the game of baseball in Ireland and we research and celebrate Irish impact on baseball history in America.

Our Members

Our members are baseball fans with a passion for Ireland. Our membership also includes players, coaches, administrators, journalists, broadcasters, and executives at all levels of amateur and professional baseball.

Membership in the Irish American Baseball Society is open to anyone with an interest in baseball and Ireland. We do not discriminate on the basis of ancestry, race, color, religion, or gender in any of our activities or operations.

If you’re interested in joining the Irish American Baseball Society, click here for more information.

Our Goals

A vibrant and successful youth baseball program in Ireland is good for kids and good for baseball. Through our work with the Baseball United Foundation, we hope to assist in the achievement of these goals:

  • An Irish-born and raised players in college and pro baseball
  • Ireland in the Olympics (Baseball & Softball)
  • Ireland in the World Baseball Classic
  • An MLB Game in Ireland
  • A Professional Irish Baseball Team


Irish Baseball History Project

Our Irish Baseball History Studies Project researches the intersection of the Irish diaspora and baseball throughout history. Much of our work focuses on the influence of the Irish on the game of baseball in America. Our research also includes the study of the history of baseball in Ireland.


Membership Committee

The Irish American Baseball Society Membership Committee is responsible for supporting the mission, vision, purpose, and strategic plans of the Baseball United Foundation and Irish American Baseball Society. The committee is responsible for collaborating with members, to provide recommendations and assistance in member recruitment, engagement, and retention.

Membership Committee (2020-2021):

  • Mike Enright – President
  • Bernard Connaughton – Vice-Chair
  • Robert Score – Secretary
  • Chris Foy – Founding Board Member

Butterworth Award

The Clive Butterworth Award recognizes outstanding volunteer service in the development of youth baseball in Ireland. The award honors early Irish baseball pioneer Clive Butterworth, the organizer and coach of the first known baseball teams in Ireland. The award was established in 2019 by the Irish American Baseball Society, in partnership with the Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame and the Baseball United Foundation.