Membership Committee


The Membership Committee is responsible for supporting the mission, vision, purpose, and strategic plans of the Baseball United Foundation and Irish American Baseball Society. The committee is responsible for collaborating with members, to provide recommendations and assistance in member recruitment, engagement, and retention. The Membership Committee may from time to time assess and recommend products, services, and programs that will add value to the membership.

Membership Committee (2020-2021)

The current members of the Membership Committee are listed below. Please click here for Membership Committee bios and information.

  • Mike Enright – President
  • Bernard Connaughton – Vice-Chair
  • Robert Score – Secretary
  • Chris Foy – Founding Board Member


  • Must be a member in good standing
  • Desire to advance the mission of the Baseball United Foundation and Irish American Baseball Society
  • A collaborative team player
  • Ability to make the necessary time commitment
  • Time Commitment:
  • Approximately 3 hours each month for meetings, inviting/retaining members
  • Review all materials/agenda prior to each meeting
  • Be an ambassador and support membership engagement and networking


  • Meet regularly with committee members and prospective members
  • Clearly communicate the value of membership to current and prospective members

    Committee Selection, Composition, and Meetings

    The Baseball United Foundation Board of Directors shall appoint each member.The Membership Committee will be composed of three officers (chair, vice-chair, secretary) and up to five regular committee members. Officers will serve as officers for one year, followed by a second year as regular committee members. Regular committee members will serve 1-year terms, with the option to serve as an officer after one year.


    The committee reports to the Baseball United Foundation Executive Director, Board of Directors, and staff, throughout the year as needed. The Membership Committee chair and vice chair must submit an annual report to the Baseball United Foundation Board of Directors by December 31.