Hall of Fame

Celebrating the Irish impact on baseball!

About the IABHOF

The Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame preserves the accomplishments of people who have distinguished themselves in the game of baseball, while maintaining or establishing a connection to Ireland and/or the global Irish community. The IABHOF also endeavors to inspire excellence and camaraderie, by highlighting and promoting connections between the game of baseball and the global Irish community.

Inductees include Nolan Ryan, Vin Scully, Jim Palmer, Wade Boggs, Steve Garvey, Mike “King” Kelly, and Sean Casey.

The late Vin Scully with IABHOF Founder Shaun Clancy (l) and his father, the late John Clancy (r).
Legendary manager Jim Leyland is inducted into the Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame at PNC Park in Pittsburgh
Shaun Clancy (center) with members of the first IABHOF inductee class in 2008


Since its founding in 2008, the “Irish Hall,” has generated interest among baseball fans across the world and has been featured by MLB Network, the New York Times, and ESPN. At the center of it all has been IABHOF founder, Shaun Clancy.

The IABHOF was located inside Clancy’s iconic NY restaurant, Foley’s NY, until 2020. It was relaunched in 2022 under the auspices of the Irish American Baseball Society. Clancy remains the key force behind the Hall, serving as Founder and President Emeritus.

Inductees of the Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame stand outside Foley's NY in 2010.

IABHOF Selection Process​

Nominations can be made by the following people:
  • Prior inductees of the Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Members of the IABHOF Steering Committee
  • Members of the Irish American Baseball Society

Each person who is qualified to make a nomination may make only one nomination each year. Nominations should be supported by accurate and specific information, including justification for induction. Self-nominations or unsigned/anonymous nominations will not be accepted.

The IABHOF Steering Committee will review all nominations and consider only such nominations that meet the criteria stated in the IABHOF bylaws.

The Committee will vote to select a slate of 7 nominees to appear on the ballot. The selection of 7 nominees will be based on the following criteria:

  • The number of nominations for a given nominee.
  • The strength of supporting arguments submitted with nominations.
  • How well the nominee fits the criteria for induction: “connection to Ireland and/or the global Irish community who have distinguished themselves in the game of baseball while exhibiting integrity, sportsmanship, and character on and off the field.”
  • If there aren’t enough qualified nominees to create a ballot of 7, the Committee will select nominees until there are 7 nominees.

Each eligible voter will receive a link to submit an electronic ballot. Each voter must vote for 3 nominees. Failure to vote for 3 nominees will result in a disqualified ballot.

The IABHOF Steering Committee will review submitted ballots and tally vote totals.

The nominees with the 3 highest vote totals will be inducted into the IABHOF.

In the event of a tie, both nominees will be inducted.
The slate of selected inductees will be approved by the Committee.

Nominees who receive 51% of the vote, but who are not selected for induction will be automatically nominated for the following year.

Nominations will be accepted in November and December of each year. Ballots will be sent out in January. 

Inductees will be announced in March.

  • Shaun Clancy: IABHOF Founder and President Emeritus
  • John Fitzgerald: IABS Founder and IABHOF Member
  • David Schofielde: IABHOF Member
  • Mike McCarthy: General Manager, Marquee Sports Network
  • Tom Whaley: Executive VP, St. Paul Saints and IABHOF Member
  • Joe Maguire
  • Patrick Winters, President, Emerald Diamond International Board of Directors
  • Tim Carr, Treasurer, Emerald Diamond International Board of Directors
  • Chris Foy, Former President, Emerald Diamond International Board of Directors


  • Byrnes, Eric
  • Casey, Sean
  • Cone, David
  • Dunn, Adam
  • Flaherty, John
  • Garvey, Steve
  • Palmer, Jim
  • Keeler, Wee Willie
  • Kelly, Mike “King”
  • O’Doul, Lefty
  • Leiter, Al
  • Leonard, Andy
  • McCarver, Tim
  • McEwing, Joe
  • McGraw, Tug
  • McGwire, Mark
  • Millar, Kevin
  • Murphy, Dale
  • Nelson, Jeff
  • O’Neill, Paul
  • O’Neill, Brothers
  • Palmer, Jim
  • Roarke, Mike
  • Ryan, Nolan
  • Staub, Rusty
  • Sweeney, Mike
  • Wade, Boggs
  • Walsh, Big Ed
  • Murtaugh, Danny
  • Leyland, Jim
  • Kelly, Tom
  • Lennon, Chuck
  • Leyland, Jim
  • Mack, Connie
  • McCoy, Hal
  • McGraw, John
  • McKeon, Jack
  • Morgan, Joe
  • Snitker, Brian
  • Stengel, Casey
  • Hughes, Pat
  • McCarthy, Tom
  • Murphy, Bob
  • O’Brien, Dave
  • Scully, Vin
  • Wills, Dave
  • Coleman, Ed
  • Foley, Red
  • Horrigan, Jeff
  • Jack, Curry
  • James, Bill
  • Madden, Bill
  • O’Connell, Jack
  • Shaughnessy, Dan
  • Gorman, Tom
  • Iasogna, Dan
  • McSherry, John
  • Joyce, Jim
  • Flynn, Pete
  • Forde, Shannon
  • Monahan, Gene
  • Cashman, Terry
  • Cashman, Brian
  • Costner, Kevin
  • Feeney, Chub
  • Harrington, John
  • Michael, Gene
  • Murray, Bill
  • O’Malley, Walter
  • O’Malley, Peter
  • Shea, Bill
  • Tumminia, Tyler
  • Whaley, Tom
  • Cashman, Terry
  • Cashman, Brian
  • Costner, Kevin
  • Donohue, Steve
  • Fitzgerald, John
  • Gallagher, Guy
  • Mooney, John
  • Schofield, Dave

"I Didn't Know He Was Irish"

Not everyone with Irish roots has an Irish-sounding name! This award, named after Duke Castiglione and Pete Caldera, is awarded throughout the year! 

Irish Diaspora

THe Irish Diaspora Award celebrates the Irish roots of players, coaches, executives, and media personalities with Irish roots!

Lifetime Achievement

The Lefty O’Doul Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes the baseball “lifers” who have demonstrated excellence while dedicating themselves to making the game better for everyone!

  • Duke Castiglione
  • Pete Caldera
  • Ryan Mountcastle
  • Mike Trout
  • Giancarlo Stanton
  • Pete Alonso
  • Ryan O’Hearn
  • Kyle Finnegan
  • John Donohue