Nomination and Voting Process

Nominations will be open during the month of September, each year.

Nominations can be made on the Irish American Baseball Society website by the following people:

    • Committee Members
    • Prior inductees of the Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame
    • Members of the Irish American Baseball Society at the “Green” and “Hall of Fame Gold” membership levels.

Each person who is qualified to make a nomination may make only one nomination each year.

Nominations should be supported by accurate and specific information, including justification for induction.

Self-nominations or unsigned/anonymous nominations will not be accepted.

Review and Selection of Nominees

The Committee will review all nominations and consider only such nominations that meet the criteria stated in these bylaws.

The Committee will vote to select a slate of 7 nominees, based on the following criteria:

    • The number of nominations for a given nominee.
    • The strength of supporting arguments submitted with nominations.
    • How well the nominee fits the criteria for induction: “connection to Ireland and/or the global Irish community who have distinguished themselves in the game of baseball while exhibiting integrity, sportsmanship, and character on and off the field.”

If there aren’t enough nominees to make a slate of 7, the Committee will select nominees until there are 7 nominees.

The list of nominees will be announced to members in October.

Ballots and Voting

Eligible Voters

Votes may be cast by the following people:

  • The Committee
  • Prior inductees of the Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Lifetime Members and “Hall of Fame Gold” Members of the Irish American Baseball Society

Valid Ballot Requirements

Each voter must vote for 3 nominees. Failure to vote for 3 nominees will result in a disqualified ballot.

Selection of Inductees

  1. The nominees with the 3 highest vote totals will be inducted into the HOF.
  2. In the event of a tie, both nominees will be inducted.
  3. The slate of selected inductees will be approved by the Committee.
  4. Nominees who receive 51% of the vote but who are not selected for induction will be automatically nominated for the following year. 

Announcement of Inductees

Inductees will be announced in November.

Other Notes

  • Inductions will not be given in absentia. If an inductee cannot attend the ceremony, they will be inducted at a ballpark or special ceremony during the year.
  • Posthumous awards will be presented to a family member.
  • Past, present, and future inductees shall become lifetime members of the Irish American Baseball Society.