Our Irish Baseball History Studies Project explores and celebrates the intersection of baseball history with the Irish diaspora. We also research the long, often overlooked, history of baseball in Ireland, dating back to 1874.

The History of Baseball in Ireland

Baseball has been played in Ireland for over a century. The first known game took place in 1874 between the Philadelphia Athletics and the Boston Red Stockings. Throughout it’s history in Ireland, baseball has enjoyed popularity because of its connection to America and its similarities to the Irish sports of hurling and rounders.

A Timeline of Baseball in Ireland


The Irish Impact on Baseball in America

Irish immigrants and Irish Americans have had a significant impact on the history of baseball in America. Irish players, coaches, managers, owners, executives, sportswriters, broadcasters, and fans have shaped the game from its earliest days. We celebrate the contributions of these individuals through the Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame.

Irish Baseball “Firsts”

Irish players and managers have been the first to accomplish many great feats in baseball, including:

Records Held By Irish Players

Irish players currently hold the following single-season and career records:

Irish Managers and Coaches

Irish managers have also left an indelible mark on the game. Among the accomplishments of Irish managers: