Irish Baseball Ancestry Database

Our Irish Ancestry Database contains records of over 300 players, coaches, executives, and media personalities with Irish ancestry. You can browse the database to search for the ancestry of current and former players and coaches. You can also search for notable events in baseball history that were accomplished by players and coaches whose roots can be traced to Ireland.

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  • Connacht¬†– Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo
  • Leinster – Carlow, Dubli, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Longford, Louth, Meath, Offaly, Westmeath, Wexford, Wicklow
  • Munster – Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, Waterford
  • Ulster – Antrim, Armagh, Cavan, Derry, Donegal, Down, Fermanagh, Monaghan, Tyrone

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Ancestry Database

Last NameFirst NameCategoryEraLinkDOBIrish CountyRelationshipGeneration
AlexanderGroverPlayerDead Ball Era2/26/1887LouthGrandmother2nd
AlonsoPeterPlayerModern Era12/7/1994Donegal8X GGF10th
AndersonSparkyManager/CoachModern Era2/22/1934Clare8X GGF10th
ArcherJimmyPlayerDead Ball Era5/13/1883DublinSelfIrish Born
AshburnRichiePlayerModern Era3/19/1927Antrim5X GGF7th
BagwellJeffPlayerModern Era5/28/1968Galway2X GGF4th
BarryJackPlayerDead Ball Era4/26/1887KerryFather1st
BellingerCodyPlayerModern Era7/13/1995Donegal8X GGF10th
BiggioCraigPlayerModern Era12/14/1965Tyrone2X GGF4th
BlackmonCharliePlayerModern Era7/1/1986Antrim8X GGF10th
BoggsWadePlayerModern Era6/15/1958Dublin5X GGF7th
BondTommyPlayerEmerald Age4/2/1856LongfordSelfIrish Born
BrennamanMartyMediaModern Era7/28/1942Laois2X GGF4th
BreslinJimmyMediaModern Era10/17/1928Cork1X GGF3rd
BresnahanRogerPlayerDead Ball Era6/11/1879LimerickFather1st
BrettGeorgePlayerModern Era5/15/1953GalwayGrandfather2nd
BrettKenPlayerModern Era9/18/1948GalwayGrandfather2nd
BrouthersDanPlayerModern Era5/8/1858CorkFather1st
BrownMordecaiPlayerDead Ball Era10/19/1876Derry2X GGF4th
BryantKrisPlayerModern Era1/4/1992Wexford5X GGF7th
BuckJackMediaModern Era8/21/1924KerryGrandfather2nd
BuckJoeMediaModern Era8/25/1969Kerry1X GGF3rd
BucknerBillPlayerModern Era12/14/1949Donegal5X GGF7th
BuehlerWalkerPlayerModern Era6/28/1994Laois4X GGF6th
BunningJimPlayerModern Era10/23/1931Cork1X GGM3rd
CaruthersBobPlayerEmerald Age1/5/1864Donegal2X GGF4th
CaseyDocPlayerDead Ball Era3/15/1870ClareFather1st
CaseySeanPlayerModern Era7/2/1974Sligo1X GGF3rd
CashmanBrianExecutiveModern Era7/3/1967Waterford1X GGF3rd
CashmanTerryMediaModern Era7/5/1941ClareGrandfather2nd
ClarkWillPlayerModern Era3/13/1964Kildare2X GGF4th
ClarksonJohnPlayerModern Era7/1/1861ClareFather1st
ClearyJosephPlayerModern Era12/3/1918CorkSelfIrish Born
ClemensRogerPlayerModern Era8/4/1962Leitrim3X GGF5th
ColemanEdMediaModern Era5/2/1905KerryGrandfather2nd
ColemanJerryMediaModern Era9/14/1924CorkGrandfather2nd
CollinsBillPlayerEmerald Age2/5/1905DublinSelfIrish Born
CollinsEddiePlayerDead Ball Era5/2/1877Cork1X GGF3rd
CollinsJimmyPlayerDead Ball Era1/15/1879AntrimFather1st
ComiskeyCharlesExecutiveEmerald Age8/15/1849CavanFather1st
ConeDavidPlayerModern Era1/2/1963Carlow2X GGF4th
ConlanJockoUmpireModern Era12/6/1899KilkennyGrandfather2nd
ConleyGenePlayerModern Era11/10/1930Donegal7X GGF9th
ConlonPJPlayerModern Era11/11/1993AntrimSelfIrish Born
ConnallySargePlayerModern Era8/31/1898Donegal4X GGF6th
ConnollyTommyUmpireDead Ball Era12/31/1870MayoFather1st
ConnorRogerPlayerEmerald Age7/1/1857KerryFather1st
ConnorsChuckPlayerModern Era4/10/2021Waterford1X GGF3rd
CorcoranLarryPlayerModern Era8/10/1859MeathFather1st
CostasBobMediaModern Era3/22/1952Limerick1X GGF3rd
CostnerKevinMediaModern Era1/18/1955Fermanagh7X GGF9th
CroninJoePlayerModern Era10/12/1906KerryFather1st
CurranJohnPlayerEmerald Age1/25/1905KerrySelfIrish Born
CulpRayPlayerModern Era1220/1941Down5X GGF7th
CuylerKikiPlayerModern Era8/30/1898DownGrandfather2nd
DailyHughPlayerEmerald Age7/17/1847CavanSelfIrish Born
DalbecBobbyPlayerModern Era7/29/1995Mayo4X GGF6th
DanielsPeterPlayerEmerald Age4/8/1864CavanSelfIrish Born
DeaslyPatPlayerEmerald Age11/17/1858DublinSelfIrish Born
DecincesDougPlayerModern Era8/29/1950MeathGrandfather2nd
DeGromJakePlayerModern Era6/19/1988Laois3X GGF5th
DelahantyEdPlayerEmerald Age10/30/1867KilkennyFather1st
DesmondIanPlayerModern Era9/20/1985Cavan3X GGF5th
DevineBingExecutiveModern Era3/1/1916Waterford1X GGF3rd
DevlinArtPlayerDead Ball Era10/15/1879DublinGrandfather2nd
DickeyBillPlayerModern Era6/6/1907Antrim1X GGF3rd
DillonPopPlayerDead Ball Era10/171873Kilkenny3X GGF5th
DinneenBillPlayerDead Ball Era4/5/1876CorkFather1st
DonlinMikePlayerDead Ball Era5/30/1878ClareFather1st
DonohueSteveManager/CoachModern Era1956CorkGrandfather2nd
DonovanDickPlayerModern Era12/7/1927CorkGrandfather2nd
DonovanPatsyPlayerEmerald Age3/16/1865CorkSelfIrish Born
DorganMikePlayerEmerald Age10/2/1853CorkFather1st
DowlingPeterPlayerDead Ball Era7/15/1876WicklowFather1st
DowseTomPlayerEmerald Age8/12/1866LeitrimSelfIrish Born
DoyleConnyPlayerEmerald Age2/4/1905KerrySelfIrish Born
DoyleJackPlayerEmerald Age10/25/1869KerrySelfIrish Born
DoyleLarryPlayerDead Ball Era7/31/1886DublinFather1st
DuffyHughPlayerEmerald Age11/26/1866MonaghanGrandfather1st
DunnAdamPlayerModern Era11/9/1979Waterford8X GGF10th
DuvallAdamPlayerModern Era9/4/1988Donegal7X GGF9th
EckersleyDennisPlayerModern Era10/3/1954Armagh5X GGF7th
EllisDockPlayerModern Era3/11/1945Tyrone8X GGF10th
EversJohnnyPlayerDead Ball Era7/21/1881WestmeathGrandfather2nd
FarmerBillPlayerEmerald Age2/13/1864DublinSelfIrish Born
FarrellTurkPlayerModern Era4/8/1934DublinGrandfather2nd
FeeneyChubExecutiveModern Era8/13/21SligoGrandfather2nd
FerrellRickPlayerModern Era10/12/1905Down6X GGF8th
FerrellWesPlayerModern Era2/2/1908Down6X GGF8th
FidrychMarkPlayerModern Era8/14/1954Cork2X GGF4th
FieldsJockoPlayerEmerald Age10/20/1864CorkSelfIrish Born
FinleyChuckPlayerModern Era11/26/1962Cork6X GGF8th
FlahertyJohnPlayerModern Era10/21/1967KerryGrandfather2nd
FlanaganMikePlayerModern Era12/16/1951Clare1X GGF3rd
FlynnMikePlayerEmerald Age3/15/1872KildareSelfIrish Born
FlynnPeterManager/CoachModern Era2/12/1938LeitrimSelfIrish Born
FoleyCurryPlayerEmerald Age1/16/1856KerrySelfIrish Born
FoleyRedMediaModern Era12/26/1928CorkFather1st
FoliTimPlayerModern Era12/8/1950Kilkenny1X GGF3rd
FordWhiteyPlayerModern Era10/21/1928Dublin1X GGF3rd
FordeShannonManager/CoachModern Era1972Kerry2X GGF4th
FoxxJimmiePlayerModern Era10/22/1907Wicklow5X GGF7th
FreehanBillPlayerModern Era11/29/1941Longford2X GGF4th
FreemanFreddiePlayerModern Era9/12/1989Dublin4X GGF6th
GallagherGuyManager/CoachModern Era8/27/1966Donegal1X GGF3rd
GalvinPudPlayerEmerald Age12/25/1855ClareFather1st
GarverNedPlayerModern Era12/25/1925Dublin3X GGF5th
GarveyStevePlayerModern Era12/22/1948Louth1X GGF3rd
GibsonKirkPlayerModern Era5/28/1957Antrim6X GGF8th
GlavineTomPlayerModern Era3/29/1966Cork2X GGF4th
GleesonJimPlayerModern Era3/5/1912ClareFather1st
GormanTomUmpireModern Era3/15/1919LimerickGrandfather2nd
GroatDickPlayerModern Era11/4/1930Down1X GGF3rd
GroveLeftyPlayerModern Era3/6/1900Derry6X GGF8th
GuidryRonPlayerModern Era8/28/1950Cork6X GGF8th
HafeyChickPlayerModern Era2/12/1903CorkFather1st
HallinanJimmyPlayerEmerald Age5/27/1849DublinSelfIrish Born
HamiltonBillyPlayerEmerald Age2/16/1886DownFather1st
HanlonNedManager/CoachEmerald Age8/22/1857ArmaghFather1st
HarringtonJoePlayerEmerald Age12/21/1869CorkFather1st
HartnettGabbyPlayerModern Era12/10/1900Tipperary1X GGF3rd
HeltonToddPlayerModern Era8/20/1973Dublin8X GGF10th
HernandezKeithPlayerModern Era10/20/1953Kerry7X GGF9th
HinesMikePlayerEmerald Age9/1/1862KerrySelfIrish Born
HodgesGilPlayerModern Era4/4/1924Sligo2X GGF3rd
HoranPatrickPlayerEmerald AgeClareSelfIrish Born
HornsbyRogersPlayerModern Era4/27/1896Tyrone2X GGF4th
HorriganJeffMediaModern Era4/16/1963Kerry2X GGF4th
HosmerEricPlayerModern Era10/24/1989Laois2X GGF4th
HubbardCalUmpireModern Era10/31/1900Kerry7X GGF9th
HugginsMillerManager/CoachModern Era4/19/1879AntrimGrandfather2nd
HughesPatMediaModern Era5/27/1955Donegal6X GGF8th
JamesBillMediaModern Era10/5/1949Derry3X GGF5th
JenningsHughiePlayerEmerald Age4/2/1869MayoFather1st
JeterDerekPlayerModern Era6/24/1974Cork3X GGF5th
JohnsonWalterPlayerDead Ball Era11/6/1887Donegal3X GGF5th
JoyceJimUmpireModern Era10/3/1955Galway2X GGF4th
KalineAlPlayerModern Era12/19/1934Antrim5X GGF7th
KavanaghMartyPlayerDead Ball Era6/13/1891DublinFather1st
KeefeTimPlayerEmerald Age1/1/1857CorkFather1st
KeelerWilliePlayerEmerald Age3/3/1872CorkFather1st
KellGeorgePlayerModern Era8/23/1922Derry4X GGF6th
KelleyJoePlayerEmerald Age12/9/1871LouthFather1st
KellyHighpocketsPlayerDead Ball Era9/10/1895LimerickGrandfather2nd
KellyMichael “King”PlayerEmerald Age12/31/1857RoscommonFather1st
KellyTomPlayerModern Era8/15/1950Offaly1X GGF3rd
KeoughMattPlayerModern Era7/3/1955Armagh2X GGF4th
KennyBrianMediaModern Era10/18/1963RoscommonFather1st
KershawClaytonPlayerModern Era3/19/1988Tyrone5X GGF7th
KillebrewHarmonPlayerModern Era6/29/1936Dublin4X GGF6th
KilroyMattPlayerEmerald Age6/21/1866WestmeathFather1st
KinerRalphPlayerModern Era10/27/1922Derry2X GGF4th
LeeBillPlayerModern Era12/28/1946Leitrim2X GGF4th
LeiterAlPlayerModern Era10/23/1965Antrim2X GGF4th
LennonChuckManager/CoachModern Era6/10/1938Roscommon1X GGF3rd
LeonardAndyPlayerEmerald Age6/1/1846CavanSelfIrish Born
LeonardDennisPlayerModern Era5/18/1951MeathGrandfather2nd
LeylandJimManager/CoachModern Era12/15/1944Wexford1X GGF3rd
LowellMikePlayerModern Era2/24/1974Dublin10X GGF12th
LucidConPlayerEmerald Age2/24/1874DublinSelfIrish Born
LyleSparkyPlayerModern Era7/22/1944Antrim5X GGF7th
MackConnieManager/CoachDead Ball Era12/22/1862KerryFather1st
MackReddyPlayerEmerald Age5/2/1866DownSelfIrish Born
MaddenBillMediaModern Era1946Mayo1X GGF3rd
MadduxGregPlayerModern Era4/14/1966Cavan4X GGF6th
MageeSherryPlayerDead Ball Era8/6/1884Fermanagh1X GGF3rd
MaloneFergyPlayerEmerald Age1/17/1905TipperarySelfIrish Born
MalonePatPlayerModern Era9/25/1902DublinGrandfather2nd
ManfredRobExecutiveModern Era9/28/1958Leitrim3X GGF5th
ManningJackPlayerModern Era12/20/1853CorkFather1st
MathewsEddiePlayerModern Era10/13/1931Donegal5X GGF7th
MauerJoePlayerModern Era4/18/1983Mayo2X GGM4th
McAleerJamesManager/CoachEmerald Age7/10/1864TyroneFather1st
McCarthyJosephManager/CoachModern Era4/21/1887LimerickFather1st
McCarthyTommyPlayerEmerald Age7/24/1863KerryFather1st
McCarverTimPlayerModern Era10/16/1941Tipperary1X GGF3rd
McClanahanShanePlayerModern Era4/28/1997Down3X GGF5th
McCoyHalMediaModern Era10/18/1940Donegal5X GGF7th
McCulloughCharliePlayerEmerald Age2/8/1905DublinSelfIrish Born
McDougaldGilPlayerModern Era5/19/1928Waterford2X GGF4th
McDowellSamPlayerModern Era9/21/1942Kerry1X GGM3rd
McEwingJoePlayerModern Era10/19/1972Sligo2X GGF4th
McGinleyTimPlayerEmerald Age1854DonegalFather1st
McGinnityJoePlayerDead Ball Era3/20/1871DublinFather1st
McGowanBillUmpireModern Era1/18/1896DerryFather1st
McGrawJohnManager/CoachModern Era4/7/1873TipperaryFather1st
McGrawTugPlayerDead Ball Era8/30/1944Down1X GGF3rd
McGuinnessJohnPlayerEmerald Age1/30/1905DublinSelfIrish Born
McGwireMarkPlayerModern Era10/1/1963Cork3X GGM5th
McIlveenIrishPlayerDead Ball Era7/27/1880DownSelfIrish Born
McInnisStuffyPlayerDead Ball Era9/19/1890Limerick1X GGF3rd
McKeonJackManager/CoachModern Era11/23/1930Roscommon1X GGF3rd
McLainDennyPlayerModern Era3/29/1944Dublin1X GGF3rd
McLaughlinBarneyPlayerModern Era2/4/1905AntrimSelfIrish Born
McManusPatPlayerEmerald Age10/18/1859DublinSelfIrish Born
McNallyDavePlayerModern Era10/31/1942CorkGrandfather2nd
McNeilJeffPlayerModern Era4/8/1992Monaghan3X GGF5th
MelvinBobManager/CoachModern Era10/28/1961CavanGrandfather2nd
MichaelGeneExecutiveModern Era6/2/1938Derry6X GGF8th
MigginsLarryPlayerModern Era8/20/1925WestmeathFather1st
MillarKevinPlayerModern Era9/24/1971Meath2X GGF4th
MizeJohnnyPlayerModern Era1/7/1913Antrim4X GGF6th
MolitorPaulPlayerModern Era8/22/1956Monaghan1X GGF3rd
MonahanGeneManager/CoachModern Era10/2/1945Offaly2X GGF4th
MorganJoeManager/CoachModern Era11/19/1930ClareFather1st
MorrillJohnPlayerEmerald Age2/19/1855KerryFather1st
MorrisHalPlayerModern Era4/9/1965Galway6X GGF8th
MountcastleRyanPlayerModern Era2/8/1997Donegal5X GGF7th
MuldoonMikePlayerModern Era4/9/1858WestmeathSelfIrish Born
MullaneTonyPlayerEmerald Age1/30/1859CorkSelfIrish Born
MurcerBobbyPlayerModern Era5/20/1946Derry5X GGF7th
MurnaneTimPlayerEmerald Age6/4/1851TipperaryFather1st
MurphyBobMediaModern Era9/19/1924DerryGrandfather2nd
MurphyDalePlayerModern Era3/12/1956Dublin7X GGF9th
MurphyJohnnyPlayerModern Era7/14/1908KerryFather1st
MurrayBillExecutiveModern Era9/21/1950Waterford1X GGF3rd
MurrayJimMediaModern Era12/29/1919CorkGrandfather2nd
MurrayRedPlayerDead Ball Era3/4/1884KerryGrandfather2nd
MurtaughDannyManager/CoachModern Era10/8/1917MayoGrandfather2nd
NeedhamTomPlayerDead Ball Era4/17/1879CorkSelfIrish Born
NelsonJeffPlayerModern Era11/17/1966Donegal4X GGF4th
NettlesGraigPlayerModern Era8/20/1944Tyrone2X GGF4th
NichollSamPlayerEmerald Age4/20/1869AntrimSelfIrish Born
NimmoBrandonPlayerModern Era3/27/1993Armagh2X GGF4th
O’BrienDaveMediaModern Era8/3/1963Clare1X GGF3rd
O’ConnorPaddyPlayerDead Ball Era8/4/1879KerrySelfIrish Born
O’ConnorJohnnyPlayerModern Era12/1/1891KerryselfIrish Born
O’DayHankUmpireEmerald Age7/8/1859ClareFather1st
O’DoulLeftyPlayerModern Era3/4/1897LimerickGrandmother2nd
O’HearnRyanPlayerModern Era2/8/1997Cork3X GGF5th
O’LoughlinPatPlayerEmerald Age2/2/1905ClareSelfIrish Born
O’MalleyPeterExecutiveModern Era12/12/1937Mayo2X GGF4th
O’MalleyWalterExecutiveModern Era10/9/1903Mayo1X GGF3rd
O’NeillJackPlayerDead Ball Era1/10/1873GalwaySelfIrish Born
O’NeillJimmyPlayerDead Ball Era2/23/1893GalwayFather1st
O’NeillMikePlayerDead Ball Era10/5/1877GalwaySelfIrish Born
O’NeillPaulPlayerModern Era2/25/1963Antrim1X GGF3rd
O’NeillSteveManager/CoachModern Era7/6/1891GalwayFather1st
O’NeillTipPlayerEmerald Age5/15/1860TyroneGrandfather2nd
O’RourkeJimPlayerEmerald Age9/1/1850DonegalFather1st
OrrDavePlayerEmerald Age9/29/1859ArmaghFather1st
PalmerJimPlayerModern Era10/15/1945LeitrimFather1st
PoseyBusterPlayerModern Era3/27/1987Antrim7X GGF9th
PowersDocPlayerDead Ball Era9/22/1870WaterfordFather1st
ReesePee WeePlayerModern Era7/23/1918Antrim5X GGF7th
RendonAnthonyPlayerModern Era6/6/1990Kilkenny2X GGF4th
Ripken JrCalPlayerModern Era8/24/1960Donegal2X GGF4th
RizzoAnthonyPlayerModern Era8/8/1989Antrim3X GGF5th
RoarkeMikeManager/CoachModern Era11/8/1930CavanGrandfather2nd
RoushEddPlayerModern Era5/8/1893CorkGrandfather2nd
RudiJoePlayerModern Era9/7/1946Kerry3X GGF5th
RusieAmosPlayerEmerald Age5/30/1871Dublin4X GGF6th
RyanCyclonePlayerEmerald Age2/8/1905TipperarySelfIrish Born
RyanJimmyPlayerEmerald Age2/11/1863ClareFather1st
RyanNolanPlayerModern Era1/31/1947Tipperary5X GGF7th
SaleChrisPlayerModern Era3/30/1989Antrim4X GGF6th
ScherzerMaxPlayerModern Era7/27/1984Fermanagh2X GGF4th
SchofieldDaveMediaModern Era7/29/1947Donegal2X GGF4th
SchwarberKylePlayerModern Era3/5/1993Donegal9X GGF11th
ScoreHerbPlayerModern Era6/7/1933Tyrone1X GGF3rd
ScullyVinMediaModern Era11/29/1997CavanMother1st
ShaughnessyDannyMediaModern Era7/20/1953Limerick2X GGf4th
SheaBillExecutiveModern Era6/21/1907LimerickGrandfather2nd
SheaSpecPlayerModern Era10/2/1920DublinGrandfather2nd
SnitkerBrianManager/CoachModern Era10/17/1955Limerick1X GGF3rd
StaubRustyPlayerModern Era4/1/1944Kilkenny2X GGF4th
SteinbrennerGeorgeExecutiveModern Era7/30/1930AntrimGrandfather2nd
StengelCaseyManager/CoachModern Era7/30/1890Roscommon2X GGF4th
StonehamHoraceExecutiveModern Era4/27/1903Wexford1X GGF3rd
SullivanBillPlayerEmerald Age7/4/1853CorkSelfIrish Born
SullivanSleeperPlayerEmerald Age2/1/1905CorkSelfIrish Born
SullivanTedExecutiveEmerald Age3/17/1851ClareSelfIrish Born
SuttonDonPlayerModern Era4/2/1945Down6X GGF8th
SweeneyBillPlayerDead Ball Era3/6/1886CorkFather1st
SweeneyMikePlayerModern Era7/22/1973Waterford2X GGF4th
TenerJohnExecutiveEmerald Age7/25/1863TyroneSelfIrish Born
TerryBillPlayerModern Era10/30/1898Armagh4X GGF6th
ThompsonSamPlayerEmerald Age3/5/1860Derry3X GGF5th
TobinJackPlayerDead Ball Era5/4/1892CorkFather1st
TraynorPiePlayerModern Era11/11/1898DownGrandfather2nd
TroutMikePlayerModern Era8/7/1991Limerick8X GGF10th
TudorJohnPlayerModern Era2/2/1954Cork2X GGF4th
TurnerTreaPlayerModern Era6/30/1993Antrim3X GGF5th
UtleyChasePlayerModern Era12/17/1978Donegal7X GGF9th
VanceDazzyPlayerModern Era3/4/1891Down3X GGF5th
VerducciTomMediaModern Era10/23/1960Longford1X GGF3rd
VernonMickeyPlayerModern Era4/22/1918Donegal1X GGF3rd
WaddellRubePlayerDead Ball Era10/13/1876TyroneFather1st
WalshEdPlayerDead Ball Era5/14/1881KildareFather1st
WalshJimmyPlayerModern Era9/22/1885MayoSelfIrish Born
WelchMickeyPlayerModern Era7/4/1859TipperaryFather1st
WerthJaysonPlayerModern Era5/20/1979Antrim8X GGF10th
WhiteDeaconPlayerEmerald Age12/2/1847Armagh1X GGF3rd
WhiteWilPlayerEmerald Age10/11/1854Armagh1X GGF3rd
WilhelmHoytPlayerModern Era7/26/1922Cork4X GGF6th
WilliamsTedPlayerModern Era8/30/1918Cork1X GGF3rd
WillsDaveMediaModern Era3/13/1964Limerick1X GGM3rd
YastrzemskiMikePlayerModern Era8/23/1990Kerry2X GGF4th
YostEddiePlayerModern Era10/13/1926DonegalGrandmother2nd
ZimmermanRyanPlayerModern Era9/28/1984Dublin5X GGF7th

Baseball Achievements and Notable Events Database

Last NameFirst NameLinkIrish CountyGenerationEvent DateEvent Description
FeeneyChubbSligo2nd1/1/1970Chubb Feeney starts as President of the National League, his tenure lasts the next 16 years
SteinbrennerGeorgeAntrim2nd1/3/1973George Steinbrenner leads a group and purchases the New York Yankees from CBS for $10 million.
HornsbyRogersTyrone4th1/4/1942Rogers Hornsby becomes the 14th player selected to the Hall of Fame, getting 78 percent of the vote.
McGrawJohnTipperary1st1/5/1925John McGraw awarded Silver Medal by the French Baseball Federation for contributions to French Baseball
ComiskeyCharlieCavan1st1/5/1925Charlie Comiskey awarded Silver Medal by the French Baseball Federation for contributions to French Baseball
JenningsHughieMayo1st1/5/1925Hugh Jennings awarded Silver Medal by the French Baseball Federation for contributions to French Baseball
SuttonDonDown8th1/6/1998Don Sutton is elected to Hall of Fame. His 324 wins the most of anyone not in the Hall at that time
WilhelmHoytCork6th1/7/1985Hoyt Wilhelm, who rewrote the record book on relief pitching, is elected to the Hall of Fame
PalmerJimLeitrim1st1/9/1990Jim Palmer enters into Hall of Fame on first year of eligibility
KillebrewHarmonDublin6th1/10/1984Harmon Killebrew is elected into the Hall of Fame
StonehamHoraceWexford3rd1/15/1936Horace Stoneham is elected president of the New York Giants, will remain president for the next 40 years
FordWhiteyDublin3rd1/16/1974White Ford is elected into Hall of Fame with friend and teammate, Mickey Mantle
GroveLeftyDerry8th1/21/1947Lefty Grove is elected into the Hall of Fame
GroveLeftyDerry8th1/21/1947Left Grove is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
KeelerWillieCork1st1/24/1939Wee Willie Keeler is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
CollinsEddieCork3rd1/24/1939Eddie Collins is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
FoxxJimmieWicklow7th1/26/1951Jimmie Foxx is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
ClarksonJohnClare1st1/27/1963John Clarkson is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
CuylerKikiDown2nd1/28/1968Kiki Cuyler is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
CroninJoeKerry1st1/31/1959Joe Cronin signs deal to become President of the American League. Would serve 14 years in total
GalvinPudClare1st1/31/1965Pud Galvin is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
RusieAmosDublin6th1/31/1977Amos Rusie is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
KelleyJoeLouth1st1/31/1971Joe Kelley is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
HafeyChickCork1st1/31/1971Chick Hafey is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
KeefeTimCork1st2/2/1964Tim Keefe is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
HugginsMillerAntrim2nd2/2/1964Miller Huggins is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
ConnorRogerKerry1st2/2/1976Roger Connor is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
McGrawJohnTipperary1st2/3/1900Rivals fight for control of Union Ball Grounds in Baltimore. John McGraw camps out at 3rd base, Ned Hanlon at 1st.
MackConnieKerry1st2/8/1956Connie Mack who had an illustrious and record-breaking career dies at 93 years old.
KellyMichael “King”Roscommon1st2/14/1887Chicago White Stockings sell Michael King Kelly to the Boston Beaneaters for $10,000, an unheard of sum at the time
BoggsWadeDublin7th2/23/1986Despite losing in arbitration, Boston’s Wade Boggs receives the largest salary ever through that process to date: $1.35M
McGrawJohnTipperary1st2/25/1934John McGraw dies at this home at the age of 60 after a long illness
FerrellRickDown8th3/4/1984Rick Ferrell is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
ReesePee WeeAntrim7th3/4/1984Pee Wee Reese is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
BunningJimCork3rd3/5/1996Jim Bunning elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
HanlonNedArmagh1st3/5/1996Ned Hanlon elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
StengelCaseyRoscommon4th3/8/1966Casey Stengel is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
KellGeorgeDerry6th3/10/1983George Kell is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
MizeJohnnyAntrim6th3/11/1981Johnny Mize is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
WaddellRubeTyrone1st4/1/1914Rube Waddell, weakened by a heroic effort to help contain a winter flood in Kentucky, dies at 37 of tuberculosis
HodgesGilSligo3rd4/2/1972Mets manager Gil Hodges dies of a heart attack at West Palm Beach, Florida, two days shy of his 48th birthday
McGwireMarkCork5th4/4/1998Mark McGwire hits a home run in his fourth consecutive game to start the season to tie the mark set by Willie Mays
JohnsonWalterDonegal5th4/10/1913Walter Johnson defeats the New York Yankees in their first official game in the Ameircan League, 2-1
PowersDocWaterford1st4/12/1909Doc Powers is first ballplayer to die in a baseball related injury
O’RourkeJimDonegal1st4/14/1876Jim O’Rourke gets first hit for the new National League playing for the Boston Red Caps
BunningJimCork3rd4/14/1968Jim Bunning beats the Dodgers, becomes 2nd player in history to win 1,000 games in each league (Cy Young was the 1st)
AndersonSparkyClare10th4/16/1993Sparky Anderson got his 2,000th victory as a manager in the Detroit Tigers’ 3-2 win over the Oakland Athletics.
McGrawJohnTipperary1st4/18/1899John McGraw, only 26, made his managerial debut with the Orioles. He led them to a 5-3 victory over the New York Giants
LeonardAndyCavanIrish Born4/22/1876Andy Leonard is first Irish born Major League Ballplayer
DevlinArtDublin2nd4/22/1908Art Devlin, in his first major league at-bat hits an inside the partk Grand Slam Homerun for the Giants
LeiterAlAntrim4th4/22/2002Al Leiter defeats the Diamondbacks to become the first pitcher in MLB history to defeat all 30 teams.
DillonPopKilkenny5th4/25/1901Pop Dillon sets all time record for doubles in a 9 inning game with 4 (this has been equaled many times since)
RyanNolanTipperary7th4/27/1983Nolan Ryan strikes out Brad Mills to move ahead of Walter Johnson and become baseball’s all-time leader at 3,509
ClemensRogerLeitrim5th4/29/1986Roger Clemens is first pitcher to strikeout 20 players in one game
FerrellWesDown8th4/29/1931Wes Ferrell of the Cleveland Indians pitched a 7-0 no-hitter over the St. Louis Brown
McGwireMarkCork5th4/30/1998Mark McGwire sets NL record for most RBI’s in the month of April with 32.
RyanNolanTipperary7th5/1/199144-year-old Rangers right-hander Nolan Ryan strikes out 16 Blue Jays en route to his seventh career no-hitter
BurdickJackDublinDublin5/1/1874Jack Burdick of the Hartford Dark Blues executes the first hidden ball trick in baseball history
BrownMordecaiDerry4th5/5/1949Mordecai “Three Fingers” Brown is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame
McGwireMarkCork5th5/8/1998Mark McGwire connects for his 400th career home run, becomes faster player ever to do so beating Babe Ruth
WilhelmHoytCork6th5/10/1970Hoyt Wilhelm is first pitcher in history to appear in 1,000 games
WilhelmHoytCork6th5/10/1970Braves’ Hoyt Wilhelm becomes the first pitcher ever to appear in 1,000 games
LeiterAlAntrim4th5/11/1996Al Leiter pitches the first no-hitter in Marlins history.
GroveLeftyDerry8th5/12/1941Lefty Grove loses and his streak of 20 consecutive wins at home ends. It lasts just over 3 years at Fenway Park
JohnsonWalterDonegal5th5/12/1926Walter Johnson wins the 400th game of his career, defeating the St. Louis Browns 7-4.
RyanNolanTipperary7th5/15/1973Nolan Ryan pitches his 1st of 7 No-Hitters
RyanNolanTipperary7th5/15/1973California’s Nolan Ryan strikes out 12 and hurls his first career no-hitter in beating Kansas City 3-0
HornsbyRogersTyrone4th5/30/1925Rogers Hornsby is named manager of the Cardinals, replacing Branch Rickey,
JohnsonWalterDonegal5th5/30/1927Walter Johnson pitches final shutout in his career (110), a record that will likely never be broken
EckersleyDennisArmagh7th5/30/197722-year old Dennis Eckersley fires a no-hitter as the Indians top the Angels 1-0
O’NeillMikeGalwayIrish Born6/3/1902Mike O’Neill is first player to hit a pinch Grand Slam homerun in NL and MLB history
CollinsEddieCork3rd6/3/1925White Sox player-manager Eddie Collins hits number 3,000 against Detroit.
AshburnRichieAntrim7th6/5/1948Richie Ashburn hits safely for the 23rd straight game in a 6-5 win at Chicago, setting a 20th-century N.L. record for a rookie
QuinnJohnGalwayGalway6/7/1932Pitcher John Quinn, at 47, becomes the oldest player to have an extra-base hit (a double) as the Dodgers beat the Cubs 9-2
GarveySteveLouth3rd6/7/1982Steve Garvey plays in his 1,000th consecutive game. Garvey’s streak is the fifth longest in major league history
RoushEddCork2nd6/8/1920Edd Roush falls asleep in the outfield after a long argument in the infield. The umpire ejects him for delay of game
FoxxJimmieWicklow7th6/8/1933Jimmie Foxx homers in his first three at-bats vs the Yankees. This gives him 4 consecutive HR’s over two days.
RyanNolanTipperary7th6/8/1977Nolan Ryan notches his fourth career 19-strikeout game, hurling the first 10 innings of a game against Toronto
ClemensRogerLeitrim5th6/13/2003Roger Clemens joins the elite 300 Wins Club.
McLainDennyDublin3rd6/15/1965Denny McLain is first pitcher to strikeout the first 7 batters in one game
McLainDennyDublin3rd6/15/1965Denny McLain makes a first-inning relief appearance and fans the first seven batters he faces, setting a major league record
GuidryRonCork8th6/17/1978Ron Guidry strikes out 18 batters in a four-hit 4-0 shutout of the Angels, setting an A.L. record for lefthanders
SuttonDonDown8th6/18/1986California’s Don Sutton becomes the 19th pitcher in ML history to win 300 games
AndersonSparkyClare10th6/18/1985Tigers manager Sparky Anderson moves into third place on the all-time list with his 2,158th managerial win.
BunningJimCork3rd6/21/1964Jim Bunning pitches perfect game for the Phillies over the Mets. This is the 7th perfect game of all time
BrettKenGalway2nd6/23/1973Phillies pitcher Ken Brett hits a home run for a 4th consecutive game, a major-league record for a pitcher
WaddellRubeTyrone1st7/4/1905Philadelphia’s Rube Waddell bests Cy Young in a 20-inning marathon as the Athletics down Boston 4-2
WalshEdKildare1st7/4/1911Ed Walsh stops Ty Cobb’s 40-game hitting streak as the White Sox win 7-3.
SheaSpecDublin2nd7/8/1947Spec Shea is first rookie Pitcher to win an All Star Game
KellyHighpocketsLimerick2nd7/16/1924George “Highpockets” Kelly first to hit a Homerun in 6 consecutive games
McGrawJohnTipperary1st7/16/1902John McGraw was named manager of the New York Giants, a job he would hold for thirty years
MullaneTonyCorkIrish Born7/18/1882Ambidextrous pitcher Tony Mullane of Louisville pitched with both hands in a Major League game at Baltimore
FerrellRick and WesDown8th4/29/1931Rick Ferrell of the Boston Red Sox hit a home run off brother Wes, pitching for the Cleveland Indians. Wes also homered.
VanceDazzyDown5th7/20/1925Brooklyn’s Dazzy Vance struck out seventeen as the Dodgers beat the Chicago Cubs 4-3 in 10 innings
BunningJimCork3rd7/20/1958Jim Bunning of the Detroit Tigers threw a no-hitter, beating the Boston Red Sox 3-0 in the first game of a doubleheader
WilhelmHoytCork6th7/24/1968Hoyt Wilhelm’s 907th game breaks Cy Young’s record for Major League pitching appearances
BrettGeorgeGalway2nd7/28/1983American League president Lee McPhail ruled George Brett’s “pine tar” home run against New York should count
GarveySteveLouth3rd7/29/1983Steve Garvey’s consecutive-game streak ends at 1,207 when he dislocates his left thumb in a home-plate collision
O’DayHankClare1st7/31/1897Pitcher Brickyard Kennedy throws the ball at umpire Hank O’Day. It misses him, and the winning run to scores
GroveLeftyDerry8th7/31/1932Cleveland’s Municipal Stadium opened and Lefty Grove and the Philadelphia A’s beat the Indians 1-0 before 76,979 fans
McGwireMarkCork5th7/31/1999Mark McGwire sets NL record for most Homeruns in the month of July with 16
FoxxJimmieWicklow7th7/31/1932Jimmie Foxx sets AL record for most Homeruns from the start of a season through July 31st – 41
McGwireMarkCork5th7/31/1998Mark McGwire sets NL record for most Homeruns from the start of a season through July 31st – 45
WaddellRubeTyrone1st7/31/1902Rube Waddell sets AL all time record for most wins in any month with 10 in July of 1902
HodgesGilSligo3rd8/1/1957Gil Hodges hits his 13th career grand slam, a new NL record. This is the last grand slam in Brooklyn Dodger history
BoggsWadeDublin7th8/7/1999Wade Boggs joins the 3,000 Hit Club and is the first to do so with a Homerun
ConnorRogerKerry1st8/7/1893New York first baseman Roger Connor bats right-handed for the first time in his career and slugs out two homers
McGinnityJoeDublin1st8/8/1903Joe McGinnity of the Giants wins both games of a doubleheader with the Dodgers. He also stole home.
DecincesDougMeath2nd8/8/1982California’s Doug DeCinces hit three home runs in a game for the second time in less than a week
PalmerJimLeitrim1st8/13/1969Jim Palmer of the Orioles pitches an 8-0 no-hitter against the Oakland A’s in Baltimore
KeefeTimCork1st8/14/1888Tim Keefe winning streak is stopped at nineteen games by the White Stockings
FoxxJimmieWicklow7th8/14/1933Jimmie Foxx hits for the cycle and drives in nine runs to break the American League record
McGwireMarkCork5th8/14/1987Mark McGwire slugs his 39th home run of the season, breaking the major league record for rookies
KeelerWillieCork1st8/18/1906Willie Keeler is struck out for only the second time this season, both times by Ed Walsh
FoxxJimmieWicklow7th8/19/194537-year-old slugger Jimmie Foxx pitches the first seven innings for Philadelphia. He leaves with a 4-1 lead
McGwireMarkCork5th8/20/1998Mark McGwire is first to hit over 50 Homeruns in 3 consecutive seasons
McGwireMarkCork5th8/20/1998Mark McGwire becomes the first player in major league history to hit 50 home runs in three consecutive years
EckersleyDennisArmagh7th8/23/1992Dennis Eckersley is first pitcher to obtain 40 saves in 4 different seasons.
BresnahanRogerLimerick1st8/27/1897Roger Bresnahan, later a Hall of Fame catcher, makes his major-league debut as a pitcher for the Washington Senators
ThompsonSamDerry5th8/31/1906Beset by injuries, the Tigers call 46-year-old Sam Thompson out of retirement. He drives in two runs in a 5-1 win
HodgesGilSligo3rd8/31/1950Brooklyn’s Gil Hodges tied a major league record by hitting four homers. He also adds a single for 17 total bases.
ThompsonSamDerry5th8/31/1894Sam Thompson sets NL record for most RBI’s in the month of August with 61
KinerRalphDerry4th8/31/1949Ralph Kiner sets NL record for most Homeruns in the month of August with 16
HamiltonBillyDown1st8/31/1894Billy Hamilton sets NL Record for most hits in any one month with 67 in August of 1894
KelleyJoeLouth1st9/3/1894Joe Kelly sets all time record for hits in a double header with 9 (this has been equaled seven times since)
KelleyJoeLouth1st9/3/1894Joe Kelley sets All-time NL Record for Runs in a season with 165 in 1894
Ripken Jr.CalDonegal4th9/6/1995Cal Ripken break’s Lou Gehrig’s record of consecutive games played.
Ripken Jr.CalDonegal4th9/6/1995Cal Ripken, Jr. played in his 2,131st consecutive Major League game to surpass Lou Gehrig’s 56-year record
CollinsEddieCork3rd9/7/1912Eddie Collins steals six bases in the Athletics’ 9-7 win over Detroit, a 20th-century-record.
FordWhiteyDublin3rd9/7/1955Whitey Ford continues his mastery with his second consecutive one-hitter, beating the A’s 2-1
McGwireMarkCork5th9/8/1998Mark McGwire is first to break Roger Maris’s Homerun record of 61 in one season
ConnorRogerKerry1st9/10/1881Roger Connor is first player to hit a Grand Slam Homerun in the National League
HarringtonJoeCork1st9/10/1885Joe Harrington is first player to hit a Homerun in his first At Bat
WelchMickeyTipperary1st9/10/1889Mickey Welch, NY Giants, gets credit for first ever pinch hit, he struck out.
McLainDennyDublin3rd9/14/1968Denny McLain of the Detroit Tigers beat the Oakland A’s to become the first pitcher since Dizzy Dean to win 30 games
MolitorPaulMonaghan3rd9/16/1996Paul Molitor joins the 3,000 Hit Club and is the first to do so with a Triple
StengelCaseyRoscommon4th9/17/1912Casey Stengel breaks in with Brooklyn and has four singles, a walk, two stolen bases, and two RBI in the 7-3 win
BoggsWadeDublin7th9/20/1988Wade Boggs became the first player this century to get 200 hits in six consecutive seasons
BiggioCraigTyrone4th9/23/1998Houston’s Craig Biggio became only the second player this century to have 50 steals and 50 doubles in a season
KavanaghMartyDublin1st9/24/1916Marty Kavanagh is first player to hit a pinch Grand Slam homerun in AL history
KalineAlAntrim7th9/24/1974Al Kaline doubles off Dave McNally for his 3,000th career hit, as the Tigers beat the Orioles, 5-4
JeterDerekCork5th9/25/2014One of 2 players (Hal Morris other), who hit walk off RBI in final home game of career
FoxxJimmieWicklow7th9/25/1932Jimmie Foxx hits his 58th home run in the last game of the season to finish just shy of Ruth’s 1927 record of 60
KalineAlAntrim7th9/25/1955Al Kaline becomes the youngest batting champ in history, as he takes the American League crown at age twenty
BoggsWadeDublin7th9/25/1989Wade Boggs becomes the first player in history to achieve both 200 hits and 100 walks in four consecutive seasons
FoxxJimmieWicklow7th9/25/1932Jimmie Foxx sets all time AL record for highest slugging % in a season by a right-hander with .749 in 1925
PalmerJimLeitrim1st9/26/1971Jim Palmer becomes the fourth member of the Orioles 1971 pitching staff to notch his 20th victory
RyanNolanTipperary7th9/26/1981Nolan Ryan of the Houston Astros became the first to pitch five no-hitters
AshburnRichieAntrim7th9/27/1959Richie Ashburn finishes the decade as the leader in hits for the 1950’s with 1,875
McGwireMarkCork5th9/27/1998Mark McGwire is first to hit 70 Homeruns in a season
McGwireMarkCork5th9/27/1998Mark McGwire hit two homers to reach No. 70 in the St. Louis Cardinals’ season finale against Montreal
RyanNolanTipperary7th9/28/1974Nolan Ryan pitched his third of seven career no-hitters, striking out 15
TerryBillArmagh6th9/28/1930Bill Terry breaks record for most hits in a season for a 31 year old – 254
TerryBillArmagh6th9/28/1930Bill Terry ties record set by Lefty O’Doul for most hits in a season all-time for a NL Player – 254 in 1930
ScherzerMaxFermanagh4th9/29/2019Max Scherzer finishes the decade as the leader in Wins for the 2010’s with 161
ScherzerMaxFermanagh4th9/29/2019Max Scherzer finishes the decade as the leader in Strikeouts for the 2010’s with 2,452
JohnsonWalterDonegal5th9/29/1913Walter Johnson of the Washington Senators finished the season with 36 victories after a 1-0 victory over the A’s
MolitorPaulMonaghan3rd9/29/1996Paul Molitor breaks record most most hits in a season for a 39 year old – 225
FoxxJimmieWicklow7th9/30/1939Jimmie Foxx finishes the decade as the leader in Homeruns for the 1930’s with 415
GroveLeftyDerry8th9/30/1939Lefty Grove finishes the decade as the leader in Wins for the 1930’s with 199
PalmerJimLeitrim1st9/30/1979Jim Palmer finishes the decade as the leader in Wins for the 1970’s with 186
RyanNolanTipperary7th9/30/1979Nolan Ryan finishes the decade as the leader in Strikeouts for the 1970’s with 2,678
BrettGeorgeGalway2nd9/30/1992George Brett became the 18th player to get 3,000 hits in the Kansas City Royals’ 4-0 win
RyanNolanTipperary7th9/30/1973Nolan Ryan breaks record for most strikeouts in a season by a 26 year old – 383
ScherzerMaxFermanagh4th9/30/2018Max Scherzer breaks record for most strikeouts in a season by a 33 year old – 300
RyanNolanTipperary7th10/1/1989Noland Ryan finishes the decade as the leader in Strikeouts for the 1980’s with 2,167
MorrisHalGalway8th10/1/2000One of 2 players (Derek Jeter other), who hit walk off RBI in final home game of career
TudorJohnCork4th10/1/1985John Tudor blanks the Mets for his 10th shutout of the year. He is the last pitcher to accumulate 10 shutouts in one season.
RyanNolanTipperary7th10/1/1989Nolan Ryan breaks record for most strikeouts in a season by a 42 year old -301
HornsbyRogersTyrone4th10/1/1922Rogers Hornsby breaks record for most hits in a season for a 26 year old – 250
HornsbyRogersTyrone4th10/1/1922Rogers Hornsby sets NL all time record for hits in a season by a Right-handed batter with 250
KillebrewHarmonDublin6th10/2/1969Harmon Killebrew finishes the decade as the leader in Homeruns for the 1960’s with 393
KellGeorgeDerry6th10/2/1949George Kell beats out Ted Williams for batting crown (.3429 to .3427), the slimmest margin on record
RyanNolanTipperary7th10/2/1974Nolan Ryan breaks record for most strikeouts in a season by a 27 year old – 367
RyanNolanTipperary7th10/2/1977Nolan Ryan breaks record for most strikeouts in a season by a 30 year old – 341
RyanNolanTipperary7th10/2/1988Nolan Ryan breaks record for most strikeouts in a season by a 41 year old – 228
McDowellSamKerry3rd10/3/1965Sam McDowell breaks record for most strikeouts in a season by a 22 year old – 325
BrettGeorgeGalway2nd10/3/1990George Brett is first player to win 3 Batting Crowns in 3 different decades
BrettGeorgeGalway2nd10/3/1990George Brett became the first player to win a batting title in three different decades
RyanNolanTipperary7th10/3/1990Nolan Ryan breaks record for most strikeouts in a season by a 43 year old – 232
JeterDerekCork5th10/3/2012Derek Jeter breaks record most most hits in a season for a 38 year old – 216
JeterDerekCork5th10/4/2009Derek Jeter finishes the decade as the leader in hits for the 2000’s with 1,940
McGwireMarkCork5th10/4/2009Mark McGwire finishes the decade as the leader in Homeruns for the 1990’s with 405
MadduxGregCavan6th10/4/2009Greg Maddux finishes the decade as the leader in Wins for the 1990’s with 170
RyanNolanTipperary7th10/4/1972Nolan Ryan breaks record for most strikeouts in a season by a 25 year old – 329
RyanNolanTipperary7th10/4/1992Nolan Ryan breaks record for most strikeouts in a season by a 45 year old – 157
HornsbyRogersTyrone4th10/4/1925Rogers Hornsby sets all time NL record for highest slugging % in a season by a right-hander with .756 in 1925
VanceDazzyDown5th10/5/1929Dazzy Vance finishes the decade as the leader in Strikeouts for the 1920’s with 1,464
McCarverTimTipperary3rd10/5/1968Tim McCarver and Orlando Cepeda each hit three-run home runs to lead St. Louis to a 7-3 win over Detroit.
O’DoulLeftyLimerick2nd10/5/1929Lefty O’Doul breaks record for most hits in a season for a 32 year old – 254
O’DoulLeftyLimerick2nd10/5/1929Lefty O’Doul sets NL record for most hits in a season all-time with 254 in 1929
HornsbyRogersTyrone4th10/6/1929Rogers Hornsby finishes the decade as the leader in Hits for the 1920’s with 2,085
RyanNolanTipperary7th10/6/1991Nolan Ryan breaks record for most strikeouts in a season by a 44 year old – 203
FordWhiteyDublin3rd10/8/1961Yankees’ Whitey Ford set a World Series record for consecutive scoreless innings by extending his streak to 32
O’RourkeJimDonegal1st10/8/1904Jim O’Rourke breaks record most most hits in a season for a 53 year old – 1
McDougaldGilSligo3rd10/9/1951Gil McDougald is first rookie to hit a Grand Slam in a World Series
McNallyDaveCork2nd10/9/1966Dave McNally wraps up Baltimore’s brilliant pitching display, and a World Championship, with a four-hit, 1-0 win
ClarksonJohnClare1st10/10/1885John Clarkson sets all time record for most wins in any month with 15 in July of 1885
MolitorPaulMonaghan3rd10/12/1982Paul Molitor is the first player to get 5 hits in one World Series Game
BrownMordecaiDerry4th10/12/1907Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown shuts down the Tigers, 2-0, to win the World Series.
MolitorPaulMonaghan3rd10/12/19821982 – Paul Molitor of Milwaukee had five hits, a World Series record, in the 10-0 opener over the Cardinals
NettlesCraigTyrone4th10/13/1978Graig Nettles fielding prowess prevents 7 runs as the Yankees beat the Dodgers in the 3rd game of the World Series
AndersonSparkyClare10th10/14/19841st Manager to Win a World Series in Both Leagues (Reds and Tigers)
GibsonKirkAntrim8th10/14/1984Kirk Gibson hit two home runs to lead Detroit to an 8-4 victory and the World Series in 5 games over the San Diego Padres
GibsonKirkAntrim8th10/15/1988An injured Kirk Gibson hits a dramatic game winning HR in Game 1 of 1988 World Series
CuylerKikiDown2nd10/15/1925Kiki Cuyler’s bases-loaded double gives Pirates a 9-7 victory over Walter Johnson in Game 7 of the World Series
MackConnieKerry1st10/18/1950Connie Mack, at age 87, retired as manager of the Philadelphia Athletics after 50 years
MadduxGregCavan6th10/24/1994Atlanta’s Greg Maddux became the first pitcher to win three straight Cy Young Awards
ComiskeyCharlieCavan1st10/26/1931Charles Comiskey dies at age 72. The White Sox owner never recovered from the betrayal of the 1919 World Series
LyleSparkyAntrim7th10/26/19771977 – Sparky Lyle becomes the first AL reliever to win the Cy Young Award
FlanaganMikeClare3rd10/31/1979Mike Flanagan, who posted a 23-9 record for the Orioles, is named the winner of the AL Cy Young Award
ClemensRogerLeitrim5th11/10/1997Roger Clemens is first Americna Leaguer to win 4 Cy Young Awards
MadduxGregCavan6th10/12/1995Greg Maddux is first Pitcher in history to win 4 counsecutive Cy Young Awards
HernandezKeithKerry9th11/13/1979Keith Hernandez is first to win Co-MVP Award. Shared with Willie Stargell
ClemensRogerLeitrim5th11/16/1998Rogers Clemens is the first to win 5 Cy Young Awards
FinleyCharlieCork8th12/19/1960Charlie Finley buys portion of Kansas City Athletics, owns team for next 20 years.