Irish Baseball Ancestry Database

xOur Irish Ancestry Database contains records of over 300 players, coaches, executives, and media personalities with Irish ancestry. You can browse the database to search for the ancestry of current and former players and coaches. You can also search for notable events in baseball history that were accomplished by players and coaches whose roots can be traced to Ireland.

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  • Connaught – Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon, Sligo
  • Leinster – Carlow, Dubli, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Longford, Louth, Meath, Offaly, Westmeath, Wexford, Wicklow
  • Munster – Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, Waterford
  • Ulster – Antrim, Armagh, Cavan, Derry, Donegal, Down, Fermanagh, Monaghan, Tyrone

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Ancestry Database

Last NameFirst NameCategoryEraLinkDOBIrish County
AlexanderGroverPlayerDead Ball Era
AlonsoPeterPlayerModern Era
AndersonSparkyManager/CoachModern Era
ArcherJimmyPlayerDead Ball Era
AshburnRichiePlayerModern Era
BagwellJeffPlayerModern Era
BarryJackPlayerDead Ball Era
BellingerCodyPlayerModern Era
BiggioCraigPlayerModern Era
BlackmonCharliePlayerModern Era
BoggsWadePlayerModern Era
BondTommyPlayerEmerald Age
BrennamanMartyMediaModern Era
BreslinJimmyMediaModern Era
BresnahanRogerPlayerDead Ball Era
BrettGeorgePlayerModern Era
BrettKenPlayerModern Era
BrouthersDanPlayerModern Era
BrownMordecaiPlayerDead Ball Era
BryantKrisPlayerModern Era
BuckJackMediaModern Era
BuckJoeMediaModern Era
BucknerBillPlayerModern Era
BuehlerWalkerPlayerModern Era
BunningJimPlayerModern Era
CaruthersBobPlayerEmerald Age
CaseyDocPlayerDead Ball Era
CaseySeanPlayerModern Era
CashmanBrianExecutiveModern Era
CashmanTerryMediaModern Era
ClarkWillPlayerModern Era
ClarksonJohnPlayerModern Era
ClearyJosephPlayerModern Era
ClemensRogerPlayerModern Era
ColemanEdMediaModern Era
ColemanJerryMediaModern Era
CollinsBillPlayerEmerald Age
CollinsEddiePlayerDead Ball Era
CollinsJimmyPlayerDead Ball Era
ComiskeyCharlesExecutiveEmerald Age
ConeDavidPlayerModern Era
ConlanJockoUmpireModern Era
ConleyGenePlayerModern Era
ConlonPJPlayerModern Era
ConnallySargePlayerModern Era
ConnollyTommyUmpireDead Ball Era
ConnorRogerPlayerEmerald Age
ConnorsChuckPlayerModern Era
CorcoranLarryPlayerModern Era
CostasBobMediaModern Era
CostnerKevinMediaModern Era
CroninJoePlayerModern Era
CurranJohnPlayerEmerald Age
CulpRayPlayerModern Era
CuylerKikiPlayerModern Era
DailyHughPlayerEmerald Age
DalbecBobbyPlayerModern Era
DanielsPeterPlayerEmerald Age
DeaslyPatPlayerEmerald Age
DecincesDougPlayerModern Era
DeGromJakePlayerModern Era
DelahantyEdPlayerEmerald Age
DesmondIanPlayerModern Era
DevineBingExecutiveModern Era
DevlinArtPlayerDead Ball Era
DickeyBillPlayerModern Era
DillonPopPlayerDead Ball Era
DinneenBillPlayerDead Ball Era
DonlinMikePlayerDead Ball Era
DonohueSteveManager/CoachModern Era
DonovanDickPlayerModern Era
DonovanPatsyPlayerEmerald Age
DorganMikePlayerEmerald Age
DowlingPeterPlayerDead Ball Era
DowseTomPlayerEmerald Age
DoyleConnyPlayerEmerald Age
DoyleJackPlayerEmerald Age
DoyleLarryPlayerDead Ball Era
DuffyHughPlayerEmerald Age
DunnAdamPlayerModern Era
DuvallAdamPlayerModern Era
EckersleyDennisPlayerModern Era
EllisDockPlayerModern Era
EversJohnnyPlayerDead Ball Era
FarmerBillPlayerEmerald Age
FarrellTurkPlayerModern Era
FeeneyChubExecutiveModern Era
FerrellRickPlayerModern Era
FerrellWesPlayerModern Era
FidrychMarkPlayerModern Era
FieldsJockoPlayerEmerald Age
FinleyChuckPlayerModern Era
FlahertyJohnPlayerModern Era
FlanaganMikePlayerModern Era
FlynnMikePlayerEmerald Age
FlynnPeterManager/CoachModern Era
FoleyCurryPlayerEmerald Age
FoleyRedMediaModern Era
FoliTimPlayerModern Era
FordWhiteyPlayerModern Era
FordeShannonManager/CoachModern Era
FoxxJimmiePlayerModern Era
FreehanBillPlayerModern Era
FreemanFreddiePlayerModern Era
GallagherGuyManager/CoachModern Era
GalvinPudPlayerEmerald Age
GarverNedPlayerModern Era
GarveyStevePlayerModern Era
GibsonKirkPlayerModern Era
GlavineTomPlayerModern Era
GleesonJimPlayerModern Era
GormanTomUmpireModern Era
GroatDickPlayerModern Era
GroveLeftyPlayerModern Era
GuidryRonPlayerModern Era
HafeyChickPlayerModern Era
HallinanJimmyPlayerEmerald Age
HamiltonBillyPlayerEmerald Age
HanlonNedManager/CoachEmerald Age
HarringtonJoePlayerEmerald Age
HartnettGabbyPlayerModern Era
HeltonToddPlayerModern Era
HernandezKeithPlayerModern Era
HinesMikePlayerEmerald Age
HodgesGilPlayerModern Era
HoranPatrickPlayerEmerald Age
HornsbyRogersPlayerModern Era
HorriganJeffMediaModern Era
HosmerEricPlayerModern Era
HubbardCalUmpireModern Era
HugginsMillerManager/CoachModern Era
HughesPatMediaModern Era
JamesBillMediaModern Era
JenningsHughiePlayerEmerald Age
JeterDerekPlayerModern Era
JohnsonWalterPlayerDead Ball Era
JoyceJimUmpireModern Era
KalineAlPlayerModern Era
KavanaghMartyPlayerDead Ball Era
KeefeTimPlayerEmerald Age
KeelerWilliePlayerEmerald Age
KellGeorgePlayerModern Era
KelleyJoePlayerEmerald Age
KellyHighpocketsPlayerDead Ball Era
KellyMichael "King"PlayerEmerald Age
KellyTomPlayerModern Era
KeoughMattPlayerModern Era
KennyBrianMediaModern Era
KershawClaytonPlayerModern Era
KillebrewHarmonPlayerModern Era
KilroyMattPlayerEmerald Age
KinerRalphPlayerModern Era
LeeBillPlayerModern Era
LeiterAlPlayerModern Era
LennonChuckManager/CoachModern Era
LeonardAndyPlayerEmerald Age
LeonardDennisPlayerModern Era
LeylandJimManager/CoachModern Era
LowellMikePlayerModern Era
LucidConPlayerEmerald Age
LyleSparkyPlayerModern Era
MackConnieManager/CoachDead Ball Era
MackReddyPlayerEmerald Age
MaddenBillMediaModern Era
MadduxGregPlayerModern Era
MageeSherryPlayerDead Ball Era
MaloneFergyPlayerEmerald Age
MalonePatPlayerModern Era
ManfredRobExecutiveModern Era
ManningJackPlayerModern Era
MathewsEddiePlayerModern Era
MauerJoePlayerModern Era
McAleerJamesManager/CoachEmerald Age
McCarthyJosephManager/CoachModern Era
McCarthyTommyPlayerEmerald Age
McCarverTimPlayerModern Era
McClanahanShanePlayerModern Era
McCoyHalMediaModern Era
McCulloughCharliePlayerEmerald Age
McDougaldGilPlayerModern Era
McDowellSamPlayerModern Era
McEwingJoePlayerModern Era
McGinleyTimPlayerEmerald Age
McGinnityJoePlayerDead Ball Era
McGowanBillUmpireModern Era
McGrawJohnManager/CoachModern Era
McGrawTugPlayerDead Ball Era
McGuinnessJohnPlayerEmerald Age
McGwireMarkPlayerModern Era
McIlveenIrishPlayerDead Ball Era
McInnisStuffyPlayerDead Ball Era
McKeonJackManager/CoachModern Era
McLainDennyPlayerModern Era
McLaughlinBarneyPlayerModern Era
McManusPatPlayerEmerald Age
McNallyDavePlayerModern Era
McNeilJeffPlayerModern Era
MelvinBobManager/CoachModern Era
MichaelGeneExecutiveModern Era
MigginsLarryPlayerModern Era
MillarKevinPlayerModern Era
MizeJohnnyPlayerModern Era
MolitorPaulPlayerModern Era
MonahanGeneManager/CoachModern Era
MorganJoeManager/CoachModern Era
MorrillJohnPlayerEmerald Age
MorrisHalPlayerModern Era
MountcastleRyanPlayerModern Era
MuldoonMikePlayerModern Era
MullaneTonyPlayerEmerald Age
MurcerBobbyPlayerModern Era
MurnaneTimPlayerEmerald Age
MurphyBobMediaModern Era
MurphyDalePlayerModern Era
MurphyJohnnyPlayerModern Era
MurrayBillExecutiveModern Era
MurrayJimMediaModern Era
MurrayRedPlayerDead Ball Era
MurtaughDannyManager/CoachModern Era
NeedhamTomPlayerDead Ball Era
NelsonJeffPlayerModern Era
NettlesGraigPlayerModern Era
NichollSamPlayerEmerald Age
NimmoBrandonPlayerModern Era
O'BrienDaveMediaModern Era
O'ConnorPaddyPlayerDead Ball Era
O'ConnorJohnnyPlayerModern Era
O'DayHankUmpireEmerald Age
O'DoulLeftyPlayerModern Era
O'HearnRyanPlayerModern Era
O'LoughlinPatPlayerEmerald Age
O'MalleyPeterExecutiveModern Era
O'MalleyWalterExecutiveModern Era
O'NeillJackPlayerDead Ball Era
O'NeillJimmyPlayerDead Ball Era
O'NeillMikePlayerDead Ball Era
O'NeillPaulPlayerModern Era
O'NeillSteveManager/CoachModern Era
O'NeillTipPlayerEmerald Age
O'RourkeJimPlayerEmerald Age
OrrDavePlayerEmerald Age
PalmerJimPlayerModern Era
PoseyBusterPlayerModern Era
PowersDocPlayerDead Ball Era
ReesePee WeePlayerModern Era
RendonAnthonyPlayerModern Era
Ripken JrCalPlayerModern Era
RizzoAnthonyPlayerModern Era
RoarkeMikeManager/CoachModern Era
RoushEddPlayerModern Era
RudiJoePlayerModern Era
RusieAmosPlayerEmerald Age
RyanCyclonePlayerEmerald Age
RyanJimmyPlayerEmerald Age
RyanNolanPlayerModern Era
SaleChrisPlayerModern Era
ScherzerMaxPlayerModern Era
SchofieldDaveMediaModern Era
SchwarberKylePlayerModern Era
ScoreHerbPlayerModern Era
ScullyVinMediaModern Era
ShaughnessyDannyMediaModern Era
SheaBillExecutiveModern Era
SheaSpecPlayerModern Era
SnitkerBrianManager/CoachModern Era
StaubRustyPlayerModern Era
SteinbrennerGeorgeExecutiveModern Era
StengelCaseyManager/CoachModern Era
StonehamHoraceExecutiveModern Era
SullivanBillPlayerEmerald Age
SullivanSleeperPlayerEmerald Age
SullivanTedExecutiveEmerald Age
SuttonDonPlayerModern Era
SweeneyBillPlayerDead Ball Era
SweeneyMikePlayerModern Era
TenerJohnExecutiveEmerald Age
TerryBillPlayerModern Era
ThompsonSamPlayerEmerald Age
TobinJackPlayerDead Ball Era
TraynorPiePlayerModern Era
TroutMikePlayerModern Era
TudorJohnPlayerModern Era
TurnerTreaPlayerModern Era
UtleyChasePlayerModern Era
VanceDazzyPlayerModern Era
VerducciTomMediaModern Era
VernonMickeyPlayerModern Era
WaddellRubePlayerDead Ball Era
WalshEdPlayerDead Ball Era
WalshJimmyPlayerModern Era
WelchMickeyPlayerModern Era
WerthJaysonPlayerModern Era
WhiteDeaconPlayerEmerald Age
WhiteWilPlayerEmerald Age
WilhelmHoytPlayerModern Era
WilliamsTedPlayerModern Era
WillsDaveMediaModern Era
YastrzemskiMikePlayerModern Era
YostEddiePlayerModern Era
ZimmermanRyanPlayerModern Era

Baseball Achievements and Notable Events Database

Last NameFirst NameIrish CountyGenerationEvent DateEvent Description
O'NeillMikeGalwayIrish born6/3/1902Mike O'Neill is first player to hit a pinch Grand Slam homerun in NL and MLB history
PowersDocWaterford1st4/12/1909Doc Powers is first ballplayer to die in a baseball related injury
KavanaghMartyDublin1st9/24/1916Marty Kavanagh is first player to hit a pinch Grand Slam homerun in AL history
KellyGeorgeLimerick2nd7/16/1924George "Highpockets" Kelly first to hit a Homerun in 6 consecutive games
VanceDazzyDown5th10/5/1929Dazzy Vance finishes the decade as the leader in Strikeouts for the 1920's with 1,464
HornsbyRogersTyrone4th10/6/1929Rogers Hornsby finishes the decade as the leader in Hits for the 1920's with 2,085
FoxxJimmieWicklow7th9/30/1939Jimmie Foxx finishes the decade as the leader in Homeruns for the 1930's with 415
GroveLeftyDerry8th9/30/1939Lefty Grove finishes the decade as the leader in Wins for the 1930's with 199
SheaSpecDublin1st7/8/1947Spec Shea is first rookie Pitcher to win an All Star Game
McDougaldGilWaterford4th10/9/1951Gil McDougald is first rookie to hit a Grand Slam in a World Series
AshburnRichieAntrim7th9/27/1959Richie Ashburn finishes the decade as the leader in hits for the 1950's with 1,875
McLainDennyDublin3rd6/15/1965Denny McLain is first pitcher to strikeout the first 7 batters in one game
KillebrewHarmonDublin6th10/2/1969Harmon Killebrew finishes the decade as the leader in Homeruns for the 1960's with 393
WilhelmHoytCork6th5/10/1970Hoyt Wilhelm is first pitcher in history to appear in 1,000 games
RyanNolanTipperary7th5/15/1973Nolan Ryan pitches his 1st of 7 No-Hitters
PalmerJimLeitrim1st9/30/1979Jim Palmer finishes the decade as the leader in Wins for the 1970's with 186
RyanNolanTipperary7th9/30/1979Nolan Ryan finishes the decade as the leader in Strikeouts for the 1970's with 2,678
HernandezKeithKerry9th11/13/1979Keith Hernandez is first to win Co-MVP Award. Shared with Willie Stargell
MolitorPaulMonaghan3rd10/12/1982Paul Molitor is the first player to get 5 hits in one World Series Game
AndersonSparkyClare10th10/14/19841st Manager to Win a World Series in Both Leagues (Reds and Tigers)
ClemensRogerLeitrim5th4/29/1986Roger Clemens is first pitcher to strikeout 20 players in one game
GibsonKirkAntrim8th10/15/1988An injured Kirk Gibson hits a dramatic game winning HR in Game 1 of 1988 World Series
RyanNolanTipperary7th10/1/1989Noland Ryan finishes the decade as the leader in Strikeouts for the 1980's with 2,167
BrettGeorgeGalway2nd10/3/1990George Brett is first player to win 3 Batting Crowns in 3 different decades
EckersleyDennisArmagh7th8/23/1992Dennis Eckersley is first pitcher to obtain 40 saves in 4 different seasons.
Ripken Jr.CalDonegal4th9/6/1995Cal Ripken break's Lou Gehrig's record of consecutive games played.
MadduxGregCavan6th11/12/1995Greg Maddux is first Pitcher in history to win 4 counsecutive Cy Young Awards
MolitorPaulMonaghan3rd9/16/1996Paul Molitor joins the 3,000 Hit Club and is the first to do so with a Triple
ClemensRogerLeitrim5th11/10/1997Roger Clemens is first Americna Leaguer to win 4 Cy Young Awards
McGwireMarkCork5th8/20/1998Mark McGwire is first to hit over 50 Homeruns in 3 consecutive seasons
McGwireMarkCork5th9/8/1998Mark McGwire is first to break Roger Maris's Homerun record of 61 in one season
McGwireMarkCork5th9/27/1998Mark McGwire is first to hit 70 Homeruns in a season
ClemensRogerLeitrim5th11/16/1998Rogers Clemens is the first to win 5 Cy Young Awards
BoggsWadeDublin7th8/7/1999Wade Boggs joins the 3,000 Hit Club and is the first to do so with a Homerun
JeterDerekCork5th10/4/2009Derek Jeter finishes the decade as the leader in hits for the 2000's with 1,940
McGwireMarkCork5th10/4/2009Mark McGwire finishes the decade as the leader in Homeruns for the 1990's with 405
MadduxGregCavan6th10/4/2009Greg Maddux finishes the decade as the leader in Wins for the 1990's with 170
ScherzerMaxFermanagh4th9/29/2019Max Scherzer finishes the decade as the leader in Wins for the 2010's with 161
ScherzerMaxFermanagh4th9/29/2019Max Scherzer finishes the decade as the leader in Strikeouts for the 2010's with 2,452
LeonardAndyCavanIrish born4/22/1876Andy Leonard is first Irish born Major League Ballplayer
ConnorRogerKerry1st9/10/1881Roger Connor is first player to hit a Grand Slam Homerun
HarringtonJoeCork1st9/10/1885Joe Harrington is first player to hit a Homerun in his first At Bat
O'RourkeJimDonegal1st4/14/1876Jim O'Rourke gets first hit for the new National League playing for the Boston Red Caps
WelchMickeyTipperary1st9/10/1889Mickey Welch, NY Giants, gets credit for first ever pinch hit, he struck out.