Irish Youth Baseball​

Growing the game of baseball in Ireland and Northern Ireland

The Irish Youth Baseball program is run by Emerald Diamond International, the parent organization of the Irish American Baseball Society. The program operates in Ireland and Northern Ireland, thanks to partnerships with local non-profit organizations, baseball clubs, and GAA Rounders clubs. 

School-Based Program

At the core of the program is a partnership between Emerald Diamond International and Healthy Kidz CIC, a non-profit organization based in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. 

The program introduces baseball to over 5,000 boys and girls in school physical education classes each year.

The school-based program teaches the basics of the game —  gameplay and rules, hitting, catching, and throwing — with a focus on generating interest in the game at the grassroots level.

Rounders and Baseball

Many children in Ireland have a basic understanding of the core concepts of baseball, thanks to their familiarity with rounders. Rounders is a bat-and-ball game that resembles baseball, or slow-pitch softball, in man ways. 

Rounders is played throughout Ireland and is one of the four “Gaelic games” that is overseen by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). 

Emerald Diamond International works in partnership with  GAA Rounders clubs to provide coaching and equipment. By highlighting the shared aspects of rounders and baseball, we can increase awareness of baseball and broaden the pool of players who play both rounders and baseball.