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The Province of Leinster

Leinster is one of the provinces of Ireland, situated in the southeast and east of Ireland.

The province is divided into twelve traditional counties: Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Longford, Louth, Meath, Offaly, Westmeath, Wexford and Wicklow. Leinster has the most counties of any province, but is the second smallest of the four Irish provinces by land area. With a population of 2,858,501 as of 2022, it is the island’s most populous province. Dublin is the only official city in the province, and is by far its largest settlement.

A number of sporting and cultural organisations organise themselves on provincial lines, including Leinster Rugby, the Leinster Cricket Union, Leinster Hockey Association and Leinster GAA. While Leinster GAA is made up primarily of the traditional counties of the province, GAA teams from Galway, Kerry and Antrim have played in the Leinster Senior Hurling Championship, as has a team from London; Galway won the title in 2012. Participation of these counties is based on their performances in the Christy Ring Cup.

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Leinster Ancestry Database

The table below displays players, coaches, executives, and media personalities with Irish roots that we have traced to the province of Leinster:

Last NameFirst NameCategoryEraLinkIrish CountyGenerationMLB DebutHOF
AlexanderGroverPlayerDead Ball EraLouth2nd4/15/1911Yes
ArcherJimmyPlayerDead Ball EraDublinIrish Born9/6/1904No
BoggsWadePlayerModern EraDublin7th4/10/1982Yes
BondTommyPlayerEmerald AgeLongfordIrish Born5/4/1874No
BrennamanMartyMediaModern EraLaois4th1974No
BryantKrisPlayerModern EraWexford7th4/17/2015No
BuehlerWalkerPlayerModern EraLaois6th9/7/2017No
ClarkWillPlayerModern EraKildare4th4/8/1986No
CollinsBillPlayerEmerald AgeDublinIrish Born8/1/1877No
ConeDavidPlayerModern EraCarlow4th6/8/1986No
ConlanJockoUmpireModern EraKilkenny2nd7/6/1934Yes
CorcoranLarryPlayerModern EraMeath1st5/1/1880No
DeaslyPatPlayerEmerald AgeDublinIrish Born5/18/1881No
DecincesDougPlayerModern EraMeath2nd9/9/1973Yes
DeGromJakePlayerModern EraLaois5th5/15/2014No
DelahantyEdPlayerEmerald AgeKilkenny1st5/22/1888Yes
DevlinArtPlayerDead Ball EraDublin2nd4/14/1904No
DillonPopPlayerDead Ball EraKilkenny5th9/8/1899No
DowlingPeterPlayerDead Ball EraWicklow1st7/17/1897No
DoyleLarryPlayerDead Ball EraDublin1st7/22/1907No
EversJohnnyPlayerDead Ball EraWestmeath2nd9/1/1902Yes
FarmerBillPlayerEmerald AgeDublinIrish Born5/1/1888No
FarrellTurkPlayerModern EraDublin2nd9/21/1956No
FlynnMikePlayerEmerald AgeKildareIrish Born8/31/1891No
FoliTimPlayerModern EraKilkenny3rd9/11/1970No
FordWhiteyPlayerModern EraDublin3rd7/1/1950Yes
FoxxJimmiePlayerModern EraWicklow7th5/21/1925Yes
FreehanBillPlayerModern EraLongford4th9/26/1961No
FreemanFreddiePlayerModern EraDublin6th9/1/2010No
GarverNedPlayerModern EraDublin5th4/28/1948No
GarveyStevePlayerModern EraLouth3rd9/1/1969No
HallinanJimmyPlayerEmerald AgeDublinIrish Born7/26/1871No
HeltonToddPlayerModern EraDublin10th8/2/1997No
HosmerEricPlayerModern EraLaois4th5/6/2011No
KavanaghMartyPlayerDead Ball EraDublin1st4/18/1914No
KelleyJoePlayerEmerald AgeLouth1st7/27/1891Yes
KellyTomPlayerModern EraOffaly3rd5/11/1975No
KillebrewHarmonPlayerModern EraDublin6th6/23/1954Yes
KilroyMattPlayerEmerald AgeWestmeath1st4/17/1886No
LeonardDennisPlayerModern EraMeath2nd9/4/1974No
LeylandJimManager/CoachModern EraWexford3rd4/8/1986No
LowellMikePlayerModern EraDublin12th9/13/1998No
LucidConPlayerEmerald AgeDublinIrish Born5/1/1893No
MalonePatPlayerModern EraDublin2nd4/12/1928No
McCulloughCharliePlayerEmerald AgeDublinIrish Born4/13/1898No
McGinnityJoePlayerDead Ball EraDublin1st4/18/1899Yes
McGuinnessJohnPlayerEmerald AgeDublinIrish Born5/6/1876No
McLainDennyPlayerModern EraDublin3rd9/21/1963No
McManusPatPlayerEmerald AgeDublinIrish Born5/22/1879No
MigginsLarryPlayerModern EraWestmeath1st10/3/1948No
MillarKevinPlayerModern EraMeath4th4/11/1998No
MonahanGeneManager/CoachModern EraOffaly4th1962No
MuldoonMikePlayerModern EraWestmeathIrish Born1/30/1917No
MurphyDalePlayerModern EraDublin9th9/13/1976No
RendonAnthonyPlayerModern EraKilkenny4th4/21/2013No
RusieAmosPlayerEmerald AgeDublin6th5/9/1889Yes
SheaSpecPlayerModern EraDublin2nd4/19/1947No
StaubRustyPlayerModern EraKilkenny4th4/9/1965No
StonehamHoraceExecutiveModern EraWexford3rd1924No
VerducciTomMediaModern EraLongford3rd1990No
WalshEdPlayerDead Ball EraKildare1st5/7/1904Yes
ZimmermanRyanPlayerModern EraDublin7th9/1/2005No


Leinster Baseball Achievements and Notable Events

The table below displays notable achievements of baseball players and coaches that we have traced to the province of Leinster :

Last NameFirst NameIrish CountyGenerationEvent DateEvent Description
O'NeillMikeGalwayIrish born6/3/1902Mike O'Neill is first player to hit a pinch Grand Slam homerun in NL and MLB history
PowersDocWaterford1st4/12/1909Doc Powers is first ballplayer to die in a baseball related injury
KavanaghMartyDublin1st9/24/1916Marty Kavanagh is first player to hit a pinch Grand Slam homerun in AL history
KellyGeorgeLimerick2nd7/16/1924George "Highpockets" Kelly first to hit a Homerun in 6 consecutive games
VanceDazzyDown5th10/5/1929Dazzy Vance finishes the decade as the leader in Strikeouts for the 1920's with 1,464
HornsbyRogersTyrone4th10/6/1929Rogers Hornsby finishes the decade as the leader in Hits for the 1920's with 2,085
FoxxJimmieWicklow7th9/30/1939Jimmie Foxx finishes the decade as the leader in Homeruns for the 1930's with 415
GroveLeftyDerry8th9/30/1939Lefty Grove finishes the decade as the leader in Wins for the 1930's with 199
SheaSpecDublin1st7/8/1947Spec Shea is first rookie Pitcher to win an All Star Game
McDougaldGilWaterford4th10/9/1951Gil McDougald is first rookie to hit a Grand Slam in a World Series
AshburnRichieAntrim7th9/27/1959Richie Ashburn finishes the decade as the leader in hits for the 1950's with 1,875
McLainDennyDublin3rd6/15/1965Denny McLain is first pitcher to strikeout the first 7 batters in one game
KillebrewHarmonDublin6th10/2/1969Harmon Killebrew finishes the decade as the leader in Homeruns for the 1960's with 393
WilhelmHoytCork6th5/10/1970Hoyt Wilhelm is first pitcher in history to appear in 1,000 games
RyanNolanTipperary7th5/15/1973Nolan Ryan pitches his 1st of 7 No-Hitters
PalmerJimLeitrim1st9/30/1979Jim Palmer finishes the decade as the leader in Wins for the 1970's with 186
RyanNolanTipperary7th9/30/1979Nolan Ryan finishes the decade as the leader in Strikeouts for the 1970's with 2,678
HernandezKeithKerry9th11/13/1979Keith Hernandez is first to win Co-MVP Award. Shared with Willie Stargell
MolitorPaulMonaghan3rd10/12/1982Paul Molitor is the first player to get 5 hits in one World Series Game
AndersonSparkyClare10th10/14/19841st Manager to Win a World Series in Both Leagues (Reds and Tigers)
ClemensRogerLeitrim5th4/29/1986Roger Clemens is first pitcher to strikeout 20 players in one game
GibsonKirkAntrim8th10/15/1988An injured Kirk Gibson hits a dramatic game winning HR in Game 1 of 1988 World Series
RyanNolanTipperary7th10/1/1989Noland Ryan finishes the decade as the leader in Strikeouts for the 1980's with 2,167
BrettGeorgeGalway2nd10/3/1990George Brett is first player to win 3 Batting Crowns in 3 different decades
EckersleyDennisArmagh7th8/23/1992Dennis Eckersley is first pitcher to obtain 40 saves in 4 different seasons.
Ripken Jr.CalDonegal4th9/6/1995Cal Ripken break's Lou Gehrig's record of consecutive games played.
MadduxGregCavan6th11/12/1995Greg Maddux is first Pitcher in history to win 4 counsecutive Cy Young Awards
MolitorPaulMonaghan3rd9/16/1996Paul Molitor joins the 3,000 Hit Club and is the first to do so with a Triple
ClemensRogerLeitrim5th11/10/1997Roger Clemens is first Americna Leaguer to win 4 Cy Young Awards
McGwireMarkCork5th8/20/1998Mark McGwire is first to hit over 50 Homeruns in 3 consecutive seasons
McGwireMarkCork5th9/8/1998Mark McGwire is first to break Roger Maris's Homerun record of 61 in one season
McGwireMarkCork5th9/27/1998Mark McGwire is first to hit 70 Homeruns in a season
ClemensRogerLeitrim5th11/16/1998Rogers Clemens is the first to win 5 Cy Young Awards
BoggsWadeDublin7th8/7/1999Wade Boggs joins the 3,000 Hit Club and is the first to do so with a Homerun
JeterDerekCork5th10/4/2009Derek Jeter finishes the decade as the leader in hits for the 2000's with 1,940
McGwireMarkCork5th10/4/2009Mark McGwire finishes the decade as the leader in Homeruns for the 1990's with 405
MadduxGregCavan6th10/4/2009Greg Maddux finishes the decade as the leader in Wins for the 1990's with 170
ScherzerMaxFermanagh4th9/29/2019Max Scherzer finishes the decade as the leader in Wins for the 2010's with 161
ScherzerMaxFermanagh4th9/29/2019Max Scherzer finishes the decade as the leader in Strikeouts for the 2010's with 2,452
LeonardAndyCavanIrish born4/22/1876Andy Leonard is first Irish born Major League Ballplayer
ConnorRogerKerry1st9/10/1881Roger Connor is first player to hit a Grand Slam Homerun
HarringtonJoeCork1st9/10/1885Joe Harrington is first player to hit a Homerun in his first At Bat
O'RourkeJimDonegal1st4/14/1876Jim O'Rourke gets first hit for the new National League playing for the Boston Red Caps
WelchMickeyTipperary1st9/10/1889Mickey Welch, NY Giants, gets credit for first ever pinch hit, he struck out.