Steve Garvey

Baseball legend Steve Garvey has been selected to serve as the first Irish Baseball Ambassador by the Irish American Baseball Society.

In his new role, Garvey will meet with Irish American business leaders and community organizations to promote baseball initiatives in Ireland.


The Irish American Baseball Society is a non-profit subsidiary of Emerald Diamond International. Together, we support the growth of youth baseball in Ireland 


  • Hire Full-Time youth baseball coach in Ireland
    • Expand youth baseball instruction to 10 new primary schools
    • Establish 5 new youth baseball clubs
  • Bring an Irish youth team to the USA for baseball instruction
  • Establish a US-based Irish American baseball club


  • Build the first baseball field in Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Help Irish boys and girls play college baseball and softball in the USA
  • Host the first professional baseball game in Ireland since 1874
  • Help Team Ireland get to the Olympics and World Baseball Classic


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