Brooklyn, Baseball, and Its Irish Connection

by Tim Carr Baseball has been played in Brooklyn as far back as 1820. During the past two centuries, baseball evolved from a child’s game, to a men’s social activity to a lucrative professional sport and our nation’s pastime. So much of the history of baseball originated in Brooklyn and so much of baseball in […]

Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame Relaunches

Nominations Open This Fall; Inductions Set For 2023 NEW YORK (October 10, 2022) – The Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame (IABHOF) is re-launching after a two-year hiatus. The “Irish Hall” will be operated under the banner of the Irish American Baseball Society – a 3,000 member non-profit organization with ties to Ireland and the […]

Listen: The Irish Impact on Early Baseball and the Founding of the GAA

On the latest episode of the Irish Baseball Podcast, host Rick Becker continues his conversation with Mike Cronin, Academic Director of Boston College Ireland. Listen as Mike and Rick discuss the Irish impact on early baseball and the history of the GAA. The Irish Baseball Podcast is available on our website and you can also […]

Listen: The Surprisingly American Roots of St. Patrick’s Day

On this very special episode of the Irish Baseball Podcast, host Rick Becker is joined by Mike Cronin to discuss the history of the holiday.  Cronin is the Academic Director for Boston College Ireland. In the second segment, John Fitzgerald joins Rick to about Baseball United’s newest youth baseball program in Ireland. Podcast Transcript: Announcer […]

There’s More Than One Way to Become an Irish Citizen

by Steven Bustin Are you Irish? If you’re a member of the Irish American Baseball Society, there is a good chance you’re answer to the above question is a resounding, “YES!” You’re not alone! It’s estimated that there are at least 40 million Americans that claim some Irish heritage — and you can be sure […]

The Farrell Clan and Major League Baseball

by Steven G. Farrell It is always fun for a writer to play around with words as well as ideas. I am also a historian who enjoys researching things are overlooked by others in my field of interests. With this paper, I shall write about two of my favorite subjects: my Irish surname of Farrell […]