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Watch: Joe McEwing discusses the influence basketball had on him

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Chicago White Sox coach Joe McEwing recently joined us for his third Q&A session. Joe had a lot to say about his signature style of play and how much of his baseball skills were influenced by playing basketball!

Here are three things we learned:

1. Joe Learned to Work Hard By Watching His Parents

If you watched Joe play, you probably remember his aggressive style of play. Where did he learn that? From watching his parents!

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2. Baseball Was Not Joe’s Favorite Sport?!?

You might be surprised to learn that Joe was actually more enthusiastic about playing basketball as a teenager. In fact, Joe wanted to play professional basketball (or baseball) after high school.

3. Joe’s Favorite Basketball Player Was Dr. J!

As a die-hard 76ers fan, Joe grew up idolizing basketball legend Julius Erving. And Joe thinks that watching — and trying to emulate Dr. J. on the court — helped him think more creatively about playing sports.

Speaking of his basketball hero, Joe explained, “His movements — the way he played the game — allowed you to go to a different place, and I appreciated that.”


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