Danny Boy O’Connor joined host Shaun Clancy for an episode of the “Craic and the Bat” on Irish Baseball TV. In their epic, hour-long conversation, Shaun and Danny discussed Danny’s favorite team (Yankees), his favorite player (Pete Rose), how his Irish heritage influenced his work in House of Pain, his path to getting sober, and his newest passion: The Outsiders House Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Danny Boy Discusses His Irish Heritage and House of Pain

Danny Boy explained the importance of his Irish heritage and how it influenced his career in music:

“I started to get into my heritage as a thing to tell people look, this is who we are. We left Ireland because of oppression and because of the troubles in Ireland in the 70s.  When I met Everlast, he realized that he had some Irish family members that identified with that, so we did that to separate ourselves from the Beastie Boys, saying: “Look, we’re definitely celebrating our Irish heritage, which is to have a drink, punch you in your face, and all the other stereotypical sh*t. Irish people are the only people who embrace that kind of thing. There’s no cancel culture for the Fighting Irish. We don’t get offended by it. I celebrate it because I can laugh at myself, and I think the beauty of being Irish is that we have the ability to make fun of ourselves and not take ourselves that seriously.”

Danny Boy on Getting Sober

Danny Boy is very open and outspoken about his battle with substance abuse and his quest to help others by sharing the things he has learned through his own experiences:

“As a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, all of the lowest things, all of that heavy stuff that I was carrying around. When you get sober and you and you start to really live a different life, you look in that rock bag and now it’s all gold and it’s not gold for me. It’s both for somebody who’s coming into sobriety to say, ‘You did this, you did that.’

I didn’t think that anybody else suffered and shared those things, and now I see that there’s a commonality, I believe that it maybe can work for me. When I share my experience, strength, and hope with somebody who’s in a hopeless state of mind and body, they understand that I’m talking heart to heart and not head to head. If they think of me like, ‘That guy from House of Pain who used to drink and punch people — now, he’s sober. Maybe there’s a chance for me.’

When I explain my experience, strength and hope, they get it.”

Danny Boy Discusses How He Started The Outsiders House Museum

Danny Boy’s latest project is restoring and curating The Outsiders House Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

“As a 13 year old, maybe a 14 year old I went to the movies with a friend of mine and I saw a movie called The Outsiders, a Francis Ford Coppola movie. I came here in 2009 after having a 10 year hiatus of being in any band, and I put another band called La Coka Nostra together, and we toured and played at the historic Caine’s ballroom. I fell in love with this small town called Tulsa, Oklahoma… and there was just something about it that felt very familiar with me. When I realized that it was the Outsiders, I went looking for locations, and eventually that day I found the house. I took a photo, I put it on the internet, and the internet went bonkers. I realized there was something to this house … so I built this beautiful little museum with the help of complete strangers which are Okies (Native Oklahoman’s), Tulsans, or fans of the movie. I’ve had help from the author. She’s the number one investor in this, second only to right below that is Jack White, who gave me $30,000 after playing a show.”

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