The Michael Collins House Museum in Clonakilty, County Cork

In this episode of the Irish Baseball Podcast, host Rick Becker speaks with Jamie Murphy of the Michael Collins House Museum in Clonakilty, County Cork. Murphy discusses the significance of the West Cork region in Irish history, particularly in relation to the fight for Irish independence.

Although the museum itself focuses on the life of Michael Collins and the history of Irish independence, the area has a long history of revolution and rebellion, with generations of revolutionaries preceding Collins. The museum provides a foundation of history, starting with the 1798 Rebellion, which greatly influenced Collins and his generation, to give visitors a comprehensive understanding of Collins’ life and the context in which he operated.

“Michael Collins is generally associated with the Fine Gael political party in Ireland, while Eamon de Valera is usually associated with Fianna Fáil… both parties are now actually in government together.”

Murphy also discusses the evolving reputations of Michael Collins and Eamon de Valera, noting that as time passes and generations change, the bitterness of the Civil War politics lessens. While some families still hold biases towards one political party or another, overall, the reputation of Michael Collins has grown over the years, partly due to the Hollywood portrayal of him in the eponymous 1996 film. On the other hand, de Valera’s reputation has suffered, in part due to his longevity in politics and the decisions he made while governing after the war of independence.

The conversation also explores various aspects of Collins’ life and other topics, such as the GAA’s role in the revolution and the connections between Collins and the GAA. The podcast aims to provide listeners with insights into Irish history and the impact of Collins’ life and legacy.

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