Big News From Ireland: Kids Will Play Ball in County Wexford!

Our parent organization, the Baseball United Foundation, has announced a new partnership with Adamstown Rounders in County Wexford, Ireland. Baseball United will provide coaching and financial support for two newly created youth rounders clubs in Adamstown.

Here is John Fitzgerald, the founder of the Baseball United Foundation and the Irish American Baseball Society, to explain the importance of this program to both organizations:

From the announcement:

“We want to give the children and coaches the tools to succeed on the pitch because it makes the game more fun for everyone,” explained Lisa O’Sullivan from Adamstown Rounders. “This partnership will bolster our efforts to get more children playing rounders in Adamstown.”


Many historians believe that baseball — often referred to as America’s “national pastime” — is derived from rounders. Historically, rounders enjoyed its greatest popularity in Ireland and England, where it was sometimes referred to as “base-ball” in the 18th and 19th centuries. Modern-day baseball began to take shape around the time that rounders was included as one of the four Gaelic games — along with Gaelic Football, Hurling and Handball — in the GAA charter of 1884.


“Baseball and rounders share many similarities, especially when it comes to the skills of hitting, throwing, and catching,” said Baseball United Founder Executive Director John Fitzgerald. “By teaching these skills, we hope to encourage more children to play rounders.”

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